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Michael began writing at a very early age, mostly in crayon. He's come a long ways since then.

Homeland / by TVHackr -

Homeland Season 3 Plans Revealed

The Homeland season 2 finale seemed to project a pretty good idea of what season 3 would be about, right?  Carrie (Claire Danes) fighting to clear Brody’s name so that they…

The Walking Dead / by TVHackr -

Andrew Lincoln

Born Andrew James Clutterbuck, some might say Andrew Lincoln was destined to be known by yet another name:  Rick Grimes.  Although British, the son of a South African mother and…

The Walking Dead / by TVHackr -

The Walking Dead

An airborne virus makes the dead walk. The Walking Dead follows various bands of survivors as they attempt to stay ahead of the walkers and competing groups of living. The…

X Factor / by TVHackr -

X-Factor: Judges Reveal the Top 12

This will be controversial news for many X-Factor fans:  the final 12 have been chosen, and it might not exactly be who you think.  The final roster will consist of…

666 Park Avenue / by TVHackr -

Terry O’Quinn

Terry O’Quinn (born July 15, 1952 as Terrance Quinn) is an American actor, most famous for playing John Locke on the TV series Lost. He made his debut in a…

666 Park Avenue / by TVHackr -

666 Park Avenue

666 Park Avenue is an American supernatural drama series starring Rachael Taylor, Dave Annable, Vanessa Williams and Terry O’Quinn. 666 Park Avenue was created and produced by David Wilcox, and was…