The Walking Dead – After T-Dog and Lori, is Anyone Safe?

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Oh yes they did!  I swear after T-Dog died, heroically I might add, I was totally caught off guard by Lori’s death.  Not to mention squirt putting a bullet in her head as an anti-zombification clause.  Like a lot of Walking Dead fans, I was curled up in a fetal position on the living room gasping “Who’s safe!?  Nobody!  Nobody’s safe!”.

Alright, there are people out there saying that The Walking Dead essentially killed off its two worst characters.  I don’t entirely agree with that.   In the case of T-Dog, he was definitely expendable but not a short timer at all.  As for Lori, yes she is an unfaithful schizo biotch, but such characters have a role in these kinds of shows.  Trust me people, you will mourn the fact that she is no longer there for you to complain about.

Now that I have emerged from my shocked stupor though, I think I have a relatively solid list of who is, and who is not, expendable—regardless of the comics, by the way, because at this point I think we get that the graphic novel continuity is NOT on the table in the writer’s room.

Who Is in Danger of Dying

#1 – The Baby

In a post-apocalyptic world, a group of survivors must band together to raise a baby.  Face it, this is the plot for a TV show all its own.  Left alive, The Baby (Judy in the Comics but see above for my opinion of Comic Canon) consumes the plot-line.  I doubt there is baby formula within The Prison, or diapers.  Do they take turns getting up to change The Baby?  Would The Walking Dead kill a baby? Well duh.

#2 – Beth Greene

Beth is basically the female T-Dog.  She really only has a purpose when the story demands that she does, therefore she isn’t really furthering any story-lines.  Unless Carl knocks her up next season, I can’t see Beth holding on for the long term.

#3 – Glenn

Yes, I said Glenn.  You may be saying “Bull Crap!” right about now, and I wouldn’t blame you, but the fact is that TV Glenn is not as compelling as comic Glenn, and in terms of good dramatic kills … where do you go after killing Lori for Pete’s sake?  Glenn is kind of the ‘shocking character death up the sleeve’ at this point.  They’ll have to grow some new characters if they want to equal Lori’s shock and awe this season.

Who is Definitely Safe

#1 – Daryl

Daryl has gone through the largest transformation of practically any other character on TWD.