Reign Season 2 Spoilers: Lord Narcisse Seeks Vengeance

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reignMary exercised her power as queen by throwing Lord Edward into the catacombs with the sick, which was effectively a death sentence after he killed the entire household of another noble. Though she’s not as bloodthirsty or power hungry as Catherine, Mary realized that she has to exude a certain amount of toughness if she wants to be taken seriously, especially since she’s effectively alone in the castle with Francis otherwise indisposed. There’s going to be no one there for her for quite a while and as such, Mary must get in touch with her power and learn to embrace what it means to be a ruler; if things were to go sour with Francis, she needs to have the inner strength to keep herself from crumbling and if she’s too busy leaning on him and not building herself up, that strength is never going to develop. But how is Mary going to deal with the fallout that comes from the decisions she makes? Will she be able to stand by her gut and live with the consequences of her iron fist?

Listed below are the dates, titles, and descriptions of the next three episodes of Reign‘s second season.

Thursday, October 9th – “Drawn and Quartered”
In the aftermath of the plague, a powerful lord discovers that Mary was responsible for the death of his son and demands vengeance, testing the loyalties of Mary, Francis, and Catherine. Francis returns to the castle with Lola and their newborn son, creating tension with Mary. Greer is torn by her loyalty to her fiancé, Lord Castleroy, who blames Leith for his daughter’s demise. Meanwhile, Kenna urges Bash to be formally recognized in his new role.

Thursday, October 16th – “Coronation”
With France in a state of famine, as well as religious and political unrest, Mary looks for a way to feed the people, risking the wrath of a vengeful Lord Narcisse. Francis is preoccupied by the harrowing suspicion that his dead father’s spirit can possess the living and is haunting Francis as revenge for his murder. As Catherine makes excessive and lavish preparations for a coronation ceremony to give the impression of stability to the realm, Bash confronts the reality of a country plagued by fear, bankruptcy, and murder.

Thursday, October 23rd – “The Lamb and the Slaughter”
When a shepherd is attacked by shadowy riders in the night, Bash and Lord Condé investigate what may be the unrest of angry spirits or the beginnings of a religious war. Mary examines her relationship with Lola in light of the upcoming christening, with Francis’ illegitimate child serving as both a bond and an obstacle between them. Greer takes control of her future when Leith returns to court. Meanwhile, Lola feels something is awry when Lord Narcisse introduces his familiar new bride.

Reign airs Thursdays at 9:00 on The CW.

How do you think Lord Narcisse will go about exacting revenge upon those he deems responsible for Edward’s death? Will Mary be able to get over the tension of Lola being back at the castle? Is there any way for Bash to protect the country from succumbing to the ills currently plaguing it?