The Fosters 2.07 Sneak Peeks: Jesus is Torn Between Emma and Hayley

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the fosters

the fostersThough Jesus has done his fair share of dating, he still has no idea how to handle the situation he’s in with Emma and Hayley. Be it his desire to avoid hurting anyone or his worry about being forced to own up to whatever decision he made, Jesus was reluctant to either make things official with Hayley or let Emma down and only went with the latter when a frustrated Mariana told the latter about what was going on. But how will this impact Jesus’ standing on the wrestling team and the chemistry that the team needs to maintain in order to be successful?

On tonight’s episode of The Fosters, Jesus and Hayley are trying to make things work, while Emma makes no secret of her distaste for A) Jesus picking Hayley over her and B) having to find out from Mariana. Emma is the type that would have at least respected Jesus for sticking to his guns and not stringing her along, even if she wasn’t happy with his decision to be with Hayley, but since he was too scared to be honest with her, any chance they have of peacefully co-existing on the wrestling team is pretty much done. With neither one of them willing to quit, the team is going to have to deal with some serious tension for the foreseeable future, which could place both Jesus and Emma on the hot seat if they can’t perform to make up for the distraction their break-up will cause.

Elsewhere on The Fosters, Callie brings Jude for a visit with the Quinn family in hopes of soothing his anxieties, while Mariana’s insecurities threaten her position on the dance team on the eve of a competition and Lena supports Brandon as he comes clean to Stef and Mike about what happened with Dani.

The Fosters airs tonight at 9:00 on ABC Family.

Do you think Jesus should pursue things with Hayley or would he be better off getting back together with Emma? Will this visit to the Quinn family make Jude feel better about Callie pursuing a relationship with Sophia? Is Mariana going to survive the dance team cuts and make it to their next competition?