Rectify 2.05 Sneak Peek: Amantha Struggles with Her New Role

by Shilo Adams 590 views0


rectifyAmantha’s identity has been so tied up in her brother’s fight for freedom that she never had time to figure out what she wanted or who she wanted to be. Forced out of college after two semesters, Amantha dedicated herself to figuring out how Daniel could get off death row and miraculously, her efforts were rewarded when he was released not that long ago. Though she’s joyful that her brother will get to live life outside of four concrete walls, getting to explore everything he’s been missing for the past 20 years, she’s at an important crossroads in her own life where she has to decide what her next move is.

On tonight’s episode of Rectify, Amantha struggles with the newfound freedom that she has, somewhat regretting her decision to stay in Paulie instead of running back to Atlanta. She doesn’t mind being with Daniel and sticking around town to keep an eye on him, but Amantha thought her life would be a lot bigger than it’s turned out to be; rather than making forward movement in her career path and having the type of adventures she couldn’t have in Paulie, Amantha’s stuck in a dead-end retail job, has no friends to speak of, and doesn’t know if she can ever get out of the spiral her life is undergoing. But as much as she blames herself for letting things get as bad as they are, will some of that resentment trickle into her relationship with Daniel?

Elsewhere on Rectify, Daniel encounters an interesting entrepreneur that pushes him to pursue the excess he was denied while in prison, while Ted has his patience tested and Tawney makes a surprising decision.

Rectify airs tonight at 9:00 on SundanceTV.

Do you think Amantha will come to resent Daniel for indirectly forcing her to stay in Paulie? How will Daniel handle being able to indulge for the first time in his adult life? Could Tawney’s surprising decision relate to Teddy’s tire scheme and her reluctant acceptance of his dream?