Rectify 2.09 Sneak Peek: Amantha Lets Off Some Steam

by Shilo Adams 736 views0


rectifyIt’s understandable that Amantha is having a hard time accepting the possibility that Daniel could go back to prison. She dedicated quite a few years of her life to getting him out of prison, giving up her college dreams due to the impact the situation was having on the family, and for that to all be taken away by an overzealous DA with a personal vendetta against her brother is surely hard to swallow. Yet, while she might not want to believe that the life she currently has is hers, she cannot let what’s happening with Daniel break her or ruin what few good things there are about her current situation.

On tonight’s episode of Rectify, Amantha lets off some steam in front of Janet, expressing frustration about the lack of clear communication between the two. Amantha has always felt like the black sheep of her family and though she’s been able to deal with that for the most part, it’s during moments like this, where Daniel’s future will be decided based on what he does about the plea deal, where she feels it the most. That loneliness and feeling of disconnect are part of the reason why she’s so frustrated with how everything has turned out for her – why is she continuing to put her life on hold for people who will never understand her and who might not even understand the lengths she’s went to for them? And could Daniel going back to prison for a set amount of time give her the opportunity that she needs to move on with her life and begin living not for someone else but for herself?

Elsewhere on Rectify, Daniel faces a tough decision on whether to take the plea deal, while recent events frustrate Teddy and Ted Sr. looks to protect the family at any cost.

Rectify airs tonight at 9:00 on SundanceTV.

Will Jon be able to get the plea deal down from 10 years to something more manageable? If he can’t get the DA to go any lower than 10, is Amantha going to be able to keep it together, considering how hard she worked to get her brother out in the first place? How will Ted Sr. react to learning about the coffee grounds incident between Daniel and Teddy?