Chasing Life 1.06 Sneak Peeks: April Takes Control of Her Future

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chasing life

chasing lifeApril’s been working toward her future ever since she can remember. Every decision was geared toward making her dream scenario something of a reality and she was willing to make the type of personal sacrifices necessary to ensure that her life as a star reporter still had a chance. Ever since she was diagnosed with cancer, though, those thoughts toward the future, and the actions that have accompanied them, have been less about forward movement and more about preserving the status quo; April doesn’t want to let go of the progress she’s made and the only way she’s been able to be honest about her diagnosis, thereby risking everything she’s worked so hard for, has been listening to her fear.

On tonight’s episode of Chasing Life, Leo challenges April to take control of her future, citing the fact that she feels more micromanaged since she filled her family in on what she’s been going through recently. She’s not used to letting go of the reins, possibly for fear that someone will guide her to a place she doesn’t want to be, and for April to have the positive frame of mind necessary to overcome her illness, she’s going to have to keep things from spiraling out of control and her mother from playing too active a role in her treatment. There’s also the matter of fun missing from her life; with her diminishing time frame, April cannot afford to spend hours, days, and weeks fretting about her family, her job, her relationship, and everything that she’s missing while undergoing treatment. She has to get out there and experience things for herself and use what’s left of her life to the best of her ability.

Chasing Life airs tonight at 9:00 on ABC Family.

Do you think Leo is a positive influence on April? Should April embrace spontaneity considering her limited time frame? Just how serious do you think Leo’s illness is?