Rectify 2.03 Sneak Peeks: Daniel Adjusts to Being Home

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rectifyFor 20 years, Daniel Holden’s home was a tiny prison cell that housed a few books, an invaluable friendship with Kerwin, and his increasingly pessimistic worldviews. Convinced that he would never see the sun again, Daniel gave up on the idea of an appeal setting him free, only to find himself thrust back into the land of the living and forced to go about his days a branded murderer. It wasn’t the greatest of existence, but Daniel was allowed to exist for the first time since he was a teenager and all that opportunity was taken away from him when he was beaten into a coma. Now that he’s fought his way out of this latest ordeal, how will he approach living in a world that seems to want no part of him?

On tonight’s episode of Rectify, Daniel’s adjustment to being home has a rocky beginning after he makes a startling decision that impacts the entire family. The best thing that Daniel could’ve done upon regaining his freedom for the second time in a fortnight was to lay low and protect himself, sticking close to those he loves and places where his safety and security is guaranteed. But since he’s never really gotten a chance to live and has had his life threatened by time in prison and the coma, he doesn’t want to go back into hiding. He wants to get the most out of life while he still can and if that means ruffling some feathers along the way, he’s more than okay with that. The only question, though, is who’ll stick by him as he tests the boundaries around him and experiences an assortment of emotions and situations for the first time.

Elsewhere on Rectify, Teddy seeks a favor from Tawney, while Jon Stern gains a new perspective.

Rectify airs tonight at 9:00 on SundanceTV.

How do you think Daniel will handle being home and out of his coma? What type of favor will Teddy ask from Tawney? Could their marriage be in jeopardy with Daniel out and Tawney’s feelings in the open?