The Leftovers Series Premiere Sneak Peeks: The World Disappears

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the leftovers

the leftoversThree years ago, a global Rapture-like event saw 2% of the world’s population disappear without a trace. Since then, the town of Mapleton, New York, like the rest of the world, has been struggling with moving forward, finding it difficult to go on without having a concrete answer as to where their loved ones went. But those in charge are determined enough to lift the spirits of the townsfolk to implement Heroes Day, a remembrance of those who are gone and a day to remind the citizens of Mapleton that there are no guarantees in life, that they should make the most of the time they have on Earth because they never know when it’ll end. But will it be able to go off without a hitch?

On the series premiere of The Leftovers, the major worry surrounding Heroes Day concerns the Guilty Remnant, a white-clad, chain smoking cult who has taken a vow of silence following the global disappearance. They’ve caused disruptions around the town before and could turn Heroes Day from a solemn and respectful memorial to those Mapleton lost into something more political and disruptive, so not all those in charge of Mapleton think Heroes Day is a smart idea. However, the town cannot afford to bow to the whims of the Guilty Remnant, meaning that regardless of what the cult does on Heroes Day and otherwise, Mapleton must keep pushing forward and continuing to piece itself back together following unspeakable tragedy.

The series premiere of The Leftovers airs tonight at 10:00 on HBO.

Will you be watching The Leftovers? What do you think happened to the 2% of the population that vanished? Will we ever see someone who disappeared return?