The Leftovers Trailer: Please Come Home

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the leftovers

the leftoversHBO has released a new trailer for Damon Lindelof’s adaptation of best-selling Tom Perrotta novel The Leftovers.

Starring Justin Theroux (American Psycho) as Kevin Garvey, the chief of police of a small town called Mapleton, The Leftovers tells the story of a global Rapture that sees 2% of the world’s population vanishing without explanation. Those remaining will have to come to terms with what happened and work through the grief they experience at losing their loved ones, lest they fall prey to the snowballing paranoia and hopelessness that threatens to swallow their town whole.

In addition to Theroux, The Leftovers stars Michael Gaston (Inception) as Dean, a man who violently addresses his frustration with the way things have changed; Ann Dowd (Compliance) as Patti, the leader of the local chapter of Guilty Remnant; Chris Zylka (Twisted) as Tom, the college dropout son of Kevin and Laurie (Amy Brenneman) who takes refuge with a mysterious guru; Carrie Coon (One in a Million) as Nora, a mother and wife who suddenly becomes neither after the Rapture; and Emily Meade (That Awkward Moment) as Amy, a free-spirited high schooler who isn’t fazed by the events of the Rapture.

The series premiere of The Leftovers is set to air Sunday, June 29th at 10:00 on HBO. You can check out an additional trailer here, as well as a collection of teasers here.

Will you be watching The Leftovers? How do you think a show like this can go on for multiple seasons without tipping its hand or completely rebooting? Which trailer/teaser has been your favorite thus far?