Wilfred Season 4 Teasers: The End is Near

by Shilo Adams 652 views0


wilfredFXX has released a series of teasers for the fourth and final season of transplanted FX comedy Wilfred.

When we last left Wilfred, Ryan followed the address on the envelope he found in his father’s office to an unknown location that had a Wilfred statue carved in the ground. The entire series of Wilfred has focused in on one question (who (or what) is Wilfred?) and there’s yet to be a definitive stance taken by the show, as Wilfred’s penchant for giving Ryan guff has been used to head fake the audience multiple times. Just when you think some type of answer has been discovered, it’s all revealed to be Wilfred doing his best to mess with Ryan’s already vulnerable disposition, something that has set back the latter’s journey toward answers about his childhood and the origin of Wilfred multiple times.

While the death of his father was a crushing blow for Ryan, especially since his opinion of the old man had lightened after doing some soul searching and undergoing therapy, it could end up being the catalyst for his final push for answers due to the existence of the letter. This is Ryan’s biggest lead yet and it’s something that Wilfred doesn’t know about yet, so if he’s able to keep the information to himself, he might have a chance at actually finding some resolution and the inner peace that comes from solving a problem that has been lingering for quite some time. But will he be prepared for whatever he finds out about Wilfred’s origins and his family’s connection to his four-legged friend?

The fourth and final season of Wilfred premieres Wednesday, June 25th at 10:00 on FXX.

Will you be watching Wilfred? How definitive of an answer regarding what Wilfred is do you think we’ll receive? Is Wilfred real or has Ryan been hallucinating his existence this entire time?