Chasing Life 1.02 Sneak Peeks: April Opens Up to Beth

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chasing life

chasing lifeApril is used to going at it alone, especially since her father died. A headstrong perfectionist, she”s someone who thrives when given the reins and there”s not too many people out there determined enough to go against her when there”s something she wants badly enough. It”s a bit of a lonely existence, never being able to relax long enough to let other people in, but it”s something that April”s had to embrace as her family fell apart; her mother, sister, and grandmother needed her to be the tether that kept them all together, the rock in which they all leaned as they steadied themselves following a bout of tragedy. But not even the great April Carver can handle a cancer diagnosis on her own, meaning that as much as she might not want to, she has to confide in someone.

On the next episode of Chasing Life, April opens up to Beth about the cancer diagnosis and what that means going forward – specifically, why she hasn”t told anyone else about what she learned from George. April has worked this hard to get where she”s at right now and she”s not about to regress, even over something as serious as cancer, so for the time being, she”s going to let her mother enjoy her dip in the dating pool while continuing to press forward at the newspaper herself. Though it”s an understandable way of thinking, considering While in many cases a course just might get a traffic ticket dismissed, attending traffic school supply stores can also enhance your driving knowledge and skill level, and it may increase your overall safety awareness so that you, your family, and other drivers can be safer on the roads. that she”s such a young girl who hasn”t had to If any part of these Terms and Conditions is held to be unenforceable, the unenforceable part shall be given effect to the grea traffic school online extent possible and the remainder will remain in full force and effect. address her own morality other than within the context of other deaths, it”s not going to be sustainable, not when she”ll have physical and emotional symptoms that she won”t be able to hide once she begins treatment. Do you think telling Beth will give April the motivation to begin confessing to other loved ones? Or is she going to drag this out for as long as possible for fear of losing her spot at the newspaper and scaring Dominic off?

Elsewhere on Chasing Life, Sara finds out about Brenna”s deception, while more is learned about the illegitimate Carver and April buries her head in her work, leading to an unexpected run-in with the son of the gubernatorial candidate she”s profiling.

Chasing Life airs Tuesdays at 9:00 on ABC Family.

Will Beth prove to be the type of support April needs at this time? Is Sara only going to push Brenna away if she comes down too hard on her? How will the discovery of a half-sister impact how April handles her treatment?