Devious Maids 2.09 Preview: Is Tony Who He Says He Is?

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devious maids

devious maidsJust when Evelyn Powell needed a virile, masculine man in her life who wasn’t afraid of every dark corner and bump in the night, in walked Tony Bishara, a swarthy former Special Ops to sweep her off her feet and put her to bed. It seemed like a dream come true, Evelyn getting the opportunity to live the type of fantasy that kept her going through the many long, arduous days of her marriage, and it was something that helped her put away the guilt she carried from what happened to her son, but could this be too good of a situation to fully believe in? Is there a chance that Tony arrived at the Powells with an ulterior motive?

On the next episode of Devious Maids, Adrian, already hurting from seeing his wife with their bodyguard, begins suspecting that Tony isn’t who he claims to be after a run-in with a woman who knew him long ago. Granted, it’s not as if Evelyn is going to believe her husband without indisputable, concrete evidence as to the betrayal from Tony, but that’s mostly for her own pride’s sake than anything to do with her marriage. Evelyn doesn’t want to be the one with the wool pulled over her eyes and if Tony has managed to fool her for this long, it might be the most humiliation she’s ever suffered, which is what Adrian wants her to experience after what he saw by the road. He wants Evelyn to suffer for what she put him through and if that means blowing her fantasy world to smithereens, then so be it.

Elsewhere on Devious Maids, Reggie moves forward with his plan to tear the Miller household apart, while Genevieve’s estranged mother shows up at her door, Marisol deals with a gossipy new hire now that Opal is gone, and Ty’s obsession with Carmen takes a violent turn.

Devious Maids airs Sundays at 10:00 on Lifetime.

Do you think that Tony is lying to the Powells about his background? What motivation could Reggie have in tearing his father’s household in two? Will Genevieve even want to interact with her mother at this point?