The Originals 1.16 Sneak Peek: Elijah Stands Up for Rebekah

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the originalsElijah has always acted as the mediator in the Mikaelson family, the buffer between Rebekah and Klaus that keeps things peaceful and brings the family back together when they drift too far apart. It can seem like a fool’s errand, trying to keep the Originals together, but it’s become Elijah’s mission in life and he’s somehow managed to keep Rebekah and Klaus from destroying one another for centuries, so his even keel nature must have some type of positive impact on the family’s health. However, not even the mighty, noble Elijah could protect Rebekah from Klaus while the trio are trapped in City of the Dead, though he’s going to do his damndest to try.

On the next episode of The Originals, Elijah steps in between Klaus and Rebekah to try and get the siblings on the same page once again. However, he didn’t count on his brother wielding the one thing that can kill an Original, so Klaus might be too far gone; if so, Elijah’s best bet is to stall for time and wait out the boundary spell. It might not be pleasant listening to Klaus and Rebekah snipe at one another, but it beats having to battle Klaus and further rupture the fabric of the Mikaelson family. And it seems that Elijah has a family secret just waiting to be unleashed at the right time, possibly as a last ditch effort to bring Klaus and Rebekah back together. Is there a chance that the Mikaelsons escape the cemetery in one piece and more united than ever?

Elsewhere on The Originals, Marcel is forced to make a deal with Genevieve in order to help free Rebekah, while Rebekah connects with Hayley over their shared concerns for the unborn child.

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8:00 on The CW.

Do you think that the Mikaelson dynamic will change after this episode? How will the boundary spell be lifted and the Mikaelson siblings freed from the cemetery? Is Hayley right to be concerned about bringing her child into an environment like this?