The Originals 1.15 Sneak Peek: Will Rebekah and Marcel Leave New Orleans?

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the originalsNow that Klaus knows that Rebekah used the witches to bring Mikael to New Orleans as a way of getting the life that she wanted with Marcel, what bond that existed between the Mikaelson siblings may be destroyed for good. Klaus has always been destructively overprotective of Rebekah, keeping her close to him with a dagger to her throat, and his twisted sense of morality and loyalty will cause him to chase her to the ends of the Earth in order to exact revenge for her betrayal. After letting her spend a century with a dagger-induced sleep, what Klaus has planned for his baby sister this time could put her on the brink of death – that is, if he can find her and Marcel.

On tonight’s episode of The Originals, Rebekah and Marcel contemplate leaving New Orleans for good, as they know Klaus will stop at nothing to see that they’re both punished. Though Marcel wants to make a go at a life outside the Big Easy, Rebekah knows from her centuries with her brother that it’s no use trying to escape him, that he will never let her out of his grasp long enough to taste the freedom she so desires. However, it might be worth a shot regardless, if only for the peace of mind; if Rebekah and Marcel don’t make an honest attempt at an escape, they’ll never know if they could have truly left New Orleans behind and outwitted Klaus when he made his play to wrangle them back into his increasingly tangled web. While they would likely face great pain and anguish if/when Klaus caught up to them, the greater pain might be in not giving themselves a chance at escaping the city and living the life that they always wanted.

Elsewhere on The Originals, Klaus opens up to Cami about the secret Rebekah and Marcel kept from him, while Elijah forms an alliance with Monique, Thierry gets approached with a plan to bring down the witches, and Hayley holds Celeste hostage in the Bayou in order to get information on how to reverse the curse on her family.

The Originals airs tonight at 8:00 on The CW.

Do you think Rebekah and Marcel will decide to leave New Orleans? Why would Elijah form an alliance with Monique? Are the days of the witches numbered now that the vampires are conspiring against them?