The Americans 2.02 Sneak Peek: Elizabeth Receives a Mysterious Distress Signal

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the americans

the americansNow more than ever, Philip and Elizabeth Jennings are concerned about how their occupation is impacting the lives of their children. Earlier in their careers, they rationalized that they were doing a good thing for Paige and Henry and that the two were simply too young to understand what it is that their parents did for a living. Being a child is hard enough without realizing that your parents aren’t who they say they are and having to keep a secret from everyone you love, so why make things more difficult for them by burdening them with the reality of their home life? However, with Paige growing more suspicious by the day and a fellow planted family they knew getting slaughtered, Philip and Elizabeth may have to tell their children who they are for their own safety.

On tonight’s episode of The Americans, Elizabeth receives a mysterious distress signal while playing board games with Paige and Henry, causing her to hurry them from the house and to a showing of Raiders of the Lost Ark. It seems that the moving truck within seeing distance from her home isn’t what it seems to be, either, and she would be wise in evacuating the house for the safety of all those inside. While Elizabeth would have always made damn sure to get her kids away from the seedier aspects of her occupation, she and Philip are on high-alert following what happened to the family they knew and that means taking every threat as potentially lethal, no matter how harmless it might end up being. But if this distress signal is something major, possibly as an aftershock of the last operation, Elizabeth’s hand will likely be forced by Paige, who already knows that her parents are keeping secrets from her.

Elsewhere on The Americans, a walk-in at the Rezidentura provides Nina and Stan with unique opportunities, while Philip deals with fallout from the last operation.

The Americans airs tonight at 10:00 on FX.

Who do you think Elizabeth receives the distress signal from? How much fallout from the last operation will Philip have to deal with? What type of opportunities will Nina and Stan receive from the latest walk-in at the Rezidentura?