The Americans 2.03 Sneak Peek: Philip and Elizabeth Prepare for Their Next Mission

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the americans

the americansThough Philip and Elizabeth were always concerned about their children’s safety when it came in relation to their occupation, the deaths of Emmett, Leanne, and Amelia hit Elizabeth especially hard, as this was a family that was just like hers. If seemingly nice, normal people can get caught up in the line of fire and wind up victims of their allegiance, then there’s a chance that she and Philip could be next, that one day Henry could come home and be in the position that Jared was when he found his family slaughtered. As such, Elizabeth, normally the bolder of the two when it comes to work, has taken a step back and really wondered what type of impact her job could have on the lives of her children.

On tonight’s episode of The Americans, Philip and Elizabeth prepare to go out into the field, as the Center is set to send someone to look after Paige and Henry. Before the death of her friends, Elizabeth wouldn’t have given the safety of her children much of a thought; she knew she would be able to trust the Center and that she would come back to find Paige and Henry safe, sound, and none the wiser as to what their parents were up to. Now, though, Elizabeth has seen that the Center isn’t always going to be there to protect them and that it might not even be enough in certain instances, so there’s a seed of doubt in her mind about the upcoming mission. Given how deeply her patriotism runs, Elizabeth will still do her duty, but is she going to be the same Elizabeth that she’s always been while out in the field? And afterwards, how much guilt will she feel about putting herself and her children in this much danger on a regular basis?

Elsewhere on The Americans, Oleg scrutinizes Nina’s secret operation, while Paige snoops into her mother’s family background and Stan’s success at tracking the KGB walk-in deepens his attachment to Nina.

The Americans airs tonight at 10:00 on FX.

Could Elizabeth’s concerns about her children be psyching her out when it comes time to complete missions? Will Nina use Stan’s dependence on her to extract more information? What will Paige find when she looks into Elizabeth’s background?