Sleepy Hollow: John Noble and Lyndie Greenwood Promoted to Series Regulars

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sleepy hollowDeadline is reporting that John Noble and Lyndie Greenwood have been promoted to series regulars for the second season of Sleepy Hollow. Previously, both had been recurring on the supernatural drama, with the former appearing in three episodes and the latter in 10 of the first season’s 13 installments.

Minus the pay bump that comes along with being a series regular, the promotion is mostly a formality for both, as Greenwood felt like a series regular for much of season one and Noble’s character became incredibly important thanks to the season finale, so he was guaranteed a much bigger role during season two. However, it’s nonetheless welcome news – Noble was consistently tremendous in his limited screen time, a simmering volcano of rage who erupted in the finale, while Greenwood’s chemistry with both Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison kept the show fresh and allowed it to delve into the complicated family dynamics it liked to explore with firsthand accounts of a troubled childhood. Sleepy Hollow could have very easily been a two-person show, Beharie and Mison carrying the weight of everything on their shoulders, but the introduction of Greenwood and Noble, as well as John Cho and Orlando Jones, kept things alive and thriving, a promising sign for season two.

While most known for his acclaimed work on Fringe, Noble has appeared on the likes of The Good Wife, 24, and Home and Away. Greenwood’s TV credits, meanwhile, include Nikita, Saving Hope, and Being Erica.

The second season of Sleepy Hollow is set to premiere this fall on FOX. As with season one, season two will contain 13 episodes, though FOX has indicated that the episode order might be slightly expanded. Production on season two will begin this coming March.

What do you think the second season has in store for Jenny and Jeremy? Were you shocked at the finale reveal concerning the true identity of Noble’s character? Will Jenny be able to save Abbie from purgatory?