The Originals 1.12 Sneak Peek: New Enemies Emerge in New Orleans

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the originals

the originalsRather than resurrect the four witches who were sacrificed, the power from the harvest was instead diverted to three of New Orleans’ biggest and baddest witches, bringing them back to life in order to make the lives of the Originals a living hell. At the root of the turn of events that left Davina dead was Sabine/Celeste, tired of hiding her identity and motivated for revenge by her execution; Celeste is in an especially good spot right now, since no one suspects that the woman they know as Sabine isn’t actually Sabine, and could be preparing to inflict some serious damages on a fractured Originals alliance still reeling from the loss of Davina.

On tonight’s episode of The Originals, with Marcel already refusing to help Klaus, Rebekah finds evidence of a sacrifice down by the docks, which looks like the work of a warlock from her past. However, rather than brush aside her feelings for Klaus, she decides to go it alone, seeing as how she doesn’t know if she can trust his invitation to bring her back into the fold. Rebekah has been burned (and, well, stabbed) too many times by her brother to think that this time, he really does want to be on the same side and this time, he cleaned up his act, but by partitioning herself off from Klaus, she might be doing damage to her relationship with Elijah, who has quickly attached himself to his brother in hopes of their family bond finally repairing itself for good. Should Rebekah put everything with Davina aside and realign herself with her brothers in order to defeat the latest evil that has arrived in New Orleans?

Elsewhere on The Originals, Marcel confides in Cami details from his past, while Klaus faces off with a foe who possesses an unmatched advantage over him and Elijah sets off with Hayley when he learns that Rebekah may be in trouble.

The Originals airs tonight at 8:00 on The CW.

Which enemy do you think poses the greatest threat to The Originals? Do you think there’ll be a way for Davina to be resurrected? Should Marcel forgive Klaus for the events that led to Davina’s death and align with the vampire king for the sake of them both?