Lost Girl 4.03 “Lovers. Apart.” Recap

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lost girl

lost girlDyson and Cleo make it to the train and it takes him a while to find his bearings, as non-Elemental Fae have a hard time crossing planes of existence without getting sick. The two encounter a ticket taker and when they mention Bo’s name, the entire train shakes. Cleo puts her head outside the train and hears the souls of the damned who are trapped around them, causing her to become more motivated to find Bo and get back to where she belongs. As Dyson and Cleo struggle with locating Bo, the succubus runs through the woods after leaping from the train and makes it to a house that initially looked abandoned; however, a family of three unloads their vehicle and is understandably surprised when they see a strange woman in the middle of their living room, so surprised that the daughter knocks Bo on the head with a frying pan.

An air conditioner repair man goes to Lauren’s place in order to check out her unit and gets disintegrated by a one-eyed Evony after he dislodges the papers that were messing with the apartment’s air flow. Elsewhere, Lauren surprised Crystal with a reorganized restaurant and Bo wakes up on the couch to find the mother and daughter of the family watching her sleep while they knit. Bo mentions the train when she wakes up, making the daughter think she’s either high or crazy, and the mother introduces them as Cathy and Julia Jenkins, with the family patriarch Ian outside walking backwards as part of a Jenkins family tradition. Although Bo is hungry, she refrains from attacking Cathy and Julia, the latter reminding her of Kenzi, and nearly gets kicked out when Ian comes inside and notices the strange woman in his house is awake.

Dyson and Cleo find themselves in the room Bo stayed in while she was on the train and run upon the body of the maid that Bo fed on before leaving. She’s still alive and dreamily mentions that her superior is going to be mad that Bo left, just as the door on the train’s caboose flies open to reveal a scrap of Bo’s dress that was torn in her jump. Dyson can’t jump without an anchor, though, and he convinces Cleo to help him locate Bo, leading to a simultaneous jump back into their own plane of existence. Bo asks to use the ladies room before she leaves the home and eventually finds the basement, where there are two metal doors with interiors that look like prison cells. The Jenkins’ come into the room and explain, while Ian holds Bo at gunpoint, that they’re protecting Julia from the ghost that visits them on the same day every year; they lock themselves in the cells for the entire night so as to avoid harming each other or anyone else they love. Ian tells Bo that he inherited the home without anyone telling him about the ghost and forces her to leave as he and Cathy put Julia in the cell.

The Morrigan gets a visit from Massimo where she kills her nail technician and learns that he was the one behind Bo’s disappearance, while Bo sneaks back into the basement and Julia’s cell. Julia then shows her the scrap book that her parents made of the woes their family has dealt with due to the ghost, newspaper articles about various murders and suicides – included in there is one about her grandfather killing everyone in the family but her father, who was purported to be hiding from the massacre when it occurred. She confesses to feeling scared that her father will turn on her one day and Bo acts on that by taking Julia out of the cell and making their way toward the exists. Meanwhile, Dyson and Cleo have lost Bo’s scent and turn to Lazy John, a friend of Cleo’s who was buried in the woods by monkeys after falling asleep underneath a tree. She uncovers the leaves from his face and he tells her that the succubus had been by there the prior evening, but it takes Dyson allowing his foot to be licked in order for him to cough up the exact direction she was going.

Bo and Julia make it outside to the clothes line full of tied sneakers and a series of knots, which Julia explains were to keep the ghost busy and away from her family. As for the backwards walking? A ghost cannot possess someone after they’ve walked backwards, but once Julia makes it past the clothes line without walking backwards, she collapses. Bo takes Julia back inside to her parents and Ian brings out the gun, as the family pledged to kill the one who got jumped into before they were able to do harm to the others, before confessing that he was the one who the ghost used to kill his family. Just then, the lights in the room emit sparks and Julia rises, the spirit inside her announcing that it’s pure evil and showing its yellow eyes to Ian, Cathy, and Bo. Elsewhere, Lauren inquires to Crystal about why she’s working at a dive diner in the middle of nowhere; Crystal responds by mentioning how she was a singer who tried to make it in the big leagues and how the failure of one dream caused her to recalibrate what she wanted out of life, choosing instead to focus on smaller goals rather than something unattainable. Her new goal? To buy a farm and have a nice, quiet life. She then tells Lauren that if she ever wants to hang out with pizza, beer, and venting, she’s more than welcome.

Bo gets tossed against the wall by whatever’s inhabiting Julia and finds herself the recipient of much help when Dyson appears behind Julia and wraps her up. However, the spirit jumps into Cleo, who runs at them with a knife, before hopping back into Julia; the latter calls to her mother and slashes Cathy’s throat with a knife when she comes in the room, fleeing right after. While Cleo sends them out for a peonie plant, Lauren makes good on Crystal’s invitation and brings over pizza, beer, and her problems. However, after one too many, Lauren mentions her indentured servitude at the hands of the Ash, having to write it off as a made-up story from a drunk girl with no other grievances left to file. The two then have sex. Dyson and Bo track Julia to the woods and Bo takes in the spirit; she learns that the spirit is a woman who was accused of being a witch and had her identity as an Elemental exposed to her fiancée, who didn’t care and still loved her. However, the two were killed without having wed, with him taking the original bullet intended for her, and were buried separately while dying together. As such, the spirit has plans to kill every member of the family responsible for their deaths (the Jenkins’), her anger and sadness manifesting in Bo once Bo wakes up from the slumber her vision of the spirit put her in.

Since Bo still feels like the spirit is trying to take her over, she sends Dyson and Cleo out to find the bodies of the spirit and her fiancée and bury them together, as that would finally bring her the peace that would allow her to stop terrorizing the Jenkins family. Dyson and Cleo get the bones together, only for the spirit to overtake Bo and send her to the gravesite to attack the two gravediggers. Cleo holds Bo down and Dyson produces two rings meant to marry the spirit to her fiancée through the vows he recites; once Bo says yes for the spirit, they see the spirit and the spirit of her husband rise above them, join together, and peacefully float down into the ground, as they found themselves together at long last. Before Bo and Dyson leave, Bo assures Julia that she’ll be okay and gives the girl her number in case she needs someone to talk to.

Lauren walks into work and finds out that someone had been calling looking for information on Karen, causing her to panic. She packs a bag and goes to Crystal’s to say goodbye, encouraging the girl to feign ever knowing her if the authorities come. On the way home, Vex-hired Cleo pulls a knife on Bo and threatens to let the succubus die of transcendental disease if Dyson comes anywhere near them. Unfortunately for her, the spirit healed Bo’s sickness and Bo puts a beating on Cleo, leaving her bloodied (but alive) in the middle of the road. The two get in Dyson’s vehicle and head toward home, passing a vehicle pulled over on the side of the road. Inside that vehicle, Crystal, who picked up a hitchhiking Lauren and allowed her to get kidnapped by the Man in Black inside.

Additional thoughts and observations:
-“Bitch, I think your brain broke.”
-“Huh. Did I just agree to a threesome?”
-“An Elemental ain’t no witch.”
-“You’ve been alive for a thousand years and you’ve never read a romance novel? Oh, you are a lucky girl.”
-“Man, can that guy pick a team already?” “You’re one to talk.”
-So, you guys, if you still want TVHackr to recap Lost Girl (which we love doing, by the way), don’t forget to share these articles. I would probably find a way to write about the show anyway, but I always figured the show would be a good recap candidate and unfortunately, the numbers thus far this season are proving me wrong. I think part of it is because of how far ahead the Canadian airings were vs. the American airings; do me a solid, though, and help me keep recapping.
-Although I don’t mind Lauren’s storyline this season, her side boob being the Lost Girl-est Lost Girl has been in a while, and I will always love The Morrigan, I kind of wish this episode had been just Bo and Dyson. There was already no Kenzi, Hale, and Trick, as well as no Dal and none of Bo’s place, so structurally, it would have been more interesting had the focus been tightened even more than it was. I mean, if you’re going to deprive us of Kenzi, at least make the episode radically different than it would normally be.
-Why couldn’t/wouldn’t Cleo dig up Lazy John? I mean, yeah, he was buried by some monkeys, but is she afraid of being attacked if she got him out? Is he permanently buried and the show failed to mention? Funny visual, though, of her clearing the leaves off his face. The foot fetishism was something, as well.
-I hope the train comes back into play later this season, if for no other reason than I really enjoy it as a set piece. I definitely understand, though, the show wanting to stay ground and not get wrapped up in complex stories about planes of existence, the nature of reality, and just how alone we actually are.
-The sequence of Bo running through the woods was gorgeously filmed, even though it read a little like “perfume commercial.”
-Who do you think kidnapped Lauren? Vex?
-Although the story of the Elemental and her fiancée was very cliché and Dyson reciting wedding vows the very definition of fan service, I must admit, I was kind of touched when the spirits of the Fae and her fiancée finally found each other and began spending the rest of eternity together like they always wanted.
-The Morrigan getting a new eye and testing it out might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Bonus points for the head slap.
-Bo hearing the voices telling her to kill and feed on the Jenkins family was very silly, even for Lost Girl.
-As much as I’ve complained about the episode, if it’s main purpose is to reintroduce Anna Silk to the show following a two-episode layoff, it will be A-Okay with me. She was very much missed and now it feels like the season can start, with the first two episodes as something of a prologue.
-When they showed the cells, I thought we were headed toward an abusive family storyline, so way to play with my expectations, show.
-I like how Julia had the scrapbook of Jenkins family horrors already in her cell. How convenient.
-Next week on Lost Girl: A confession by Kenzi could prove to be detrimental to her friendship with Bo, while Bo makes a shocking discovery when confronting a dangerous foe.