Turn Teaser: Get a First Look at AMC’s Upcoming Spy Drama

by Shilo Adams 559 views0


TurnAMC released the first teaser for upcoming spy drama Turn, based on the novel Washington’s Spies: The Story of America’s First Spy Ring by Alexander Rose, yesterday. Developed for television by Craig Silverstein (Nikita, Terra Nova), the series tells the story of New York farmer Abraham Woodhull (Jamie Bell), who bands together a group of friends to form The Culper Ring, spies who shift the balance of power in the fight for America’s independence. Personally guiding the men was Washington himself, desperate to know when and where the British would strike next, and The Culper Ring managed to escape the arm of the British Secret Service due to the tricks and tips that their leader instilled in them.

Turn will be another period drama for AMC, who already has Mad Men (1960s-1970s) and Hell on Wheels (1860s) in its roster of shows. Presumably, the show is going to take over the June-August window that The Killing aired last season, with fellow new drama Catch & Fire to follow in the fall, as The Walking Dead airs in the winter and Mad Men the spring. Since the network likely won’t want anything to go up against the fourth season of Game of Thrones this spring, especially considering the need to launch new hits in order to replace their departing critical darlings, Turn could comfortably air during the summer without the smothering in-season competition, which gives it a better shot at finding an audience.

In addition to Bell, Turn is set to star the likes of Kevin McNally (The Mill), Burn Gorman (Revenge), Meegan Warner (Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo), Daniel Henshall (Out of the Blue), and Heather Lind (Boardwalk Empire).

Production on Turn is ongoing for a debut sometime in 2014.

Does Turn look like something you would watch? Will the show become the next hit for AMC? Is the success of Sleepy Hollow an indication that the Revolutionary War is a time period ripe for a series portrayal?