Sleepy Hollow: Alias Alum Victor Garber to Guest Star

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sleepy hollow

sleepy hollowAccording to TVLine, Alias alum Victor Garber has joined hit supernatural drama Sleepy Hollow as the father of Ichabod Crane. There’s no word yet on how much we’ll be seeing the character or the role he’ll be playing in the show itself, but Garber is set to appear in at least one episode this season.

Obviously, it’s been more than two centuries since the character was alive, so it’s not as if Ichabod’s father will suddenly turn up in present day Sleepy Hollow looking to bond with his son. The show has demonstrated its willingness to play with time and expectation, but what makes Ichabod’s journey so special and unusual is that he took it alone, that he ended up in a world without anyone he loves and that he’s this far away from the life he once knew. Thus, it seems likeliest that Garber will be appearing in flashbacks to show Ichabod’s relationship with his father or in Ichabod’s dreams due to his anxiety from learning he has a child of his own. Considering that he only learned about the child in the last episode, Ichabod will still be adjusting to the idea of A) being a father and B) Katrina concealing the pregnancy from him, so it’s only natural for him to reflect upon his own relationship with his father and what it means to bring another life into this world.

In addition to his role as Jack Bristow on the ABC spy drama, Garber has appeared on the likes of Web Therapy, Damages, and Deception.

Sleepy Hollow airs Mondays at 9:00 on FOX. The series has already been renewed for a second season, which will debut next fall. Sleepy Hollow‘s first season finale is set to air Monday, January 20th at 8:00, leading into the second part of the two-part season premiere of The Following.

How do you think Sleepy Hollow will be using Ichabod’s father? Is Ichabod going to be able to handle the news of his son’s existence? What are you expecting to happen the rest of this season of Sleepy Hollow?