Cougar Town: Matthew Perry to Guest Star in Season 5

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cougar town

cougar townTBS has announced that Matthew Perry will be guest starring on an upcoming episode of Cougar Town, though details of his role are being kept under wraps for now. The appearance will reunite him with former Friends co-star and on-screen wife Courteney Cox, who he last acted alongside this past March.

One possible avenue for the show to take the guest appearance is to have Perry’s character act as a rival of sorts for Jules, either someone who she has an antagonistic relationship with dating back many years and reappears in town or someone who serves as major business competition for her. There’s also the chance that they’ll have Perry be someone from Jules’ romantic past who gets under Grayson’s skin with how he interacts with Jules today; the show would never have Jules cheat, but it would have her mess with her husband’s head a little, so she could feasibly play up the flirtation while never planning on doing anything about it.

In addition to his Emmy-nominated role as Chandler Bing on the seminal sitcom, Perry has appeared on the likes of The Good Wife, Mr. Sunshine, and Go On. His appearance marks the third Friends reunion that Cougar Town has seen, following Jennifer Aniston’s turn as a new age-y therapist and Lisa Kudrow’s guest spot as a dentist. Yet to appear are David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc, though both of them have stopped by Kudrow’s Web Therapy, which recently completed its third season on Showtime.

The fifth season of Cougar Town is set to premiere Tuesday, January 7th at 10:00 on TBS. You can check out the recently released premiere announcement below.

Who do you think Perry will end up playing on Cougar Town? Would you like to see other Friends alums stop by Cougar Town this season? What are you wanting to see happen this season on the show?