Time of Death: Watch a First Trailer for the Showtime Documentary Series Here

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time of death

time of deathShowtime has released the series trailer for Time of Death, a six-episode documentary that takes a look at individuals facing their own imminent mortality. The series, from the Magical Elves production team (Top Chef, The Real L Word), finds terminally ill patients as they live out their final days on camera and have their family, friends, and various healthcare professionals guide them through the process.

Included in the series will be a single mother with Stage IV breast cancer; a grandmother, who is also a psychotherapist specializing in death/dying, with pancreatic cancer; a veteran with a rare form of cancer who spends his final days with his parents; and a young woman with Stage IV melanoma. Mortality isn’t a topic unfamiliar to Showtime audiences, as the fourth and final season of The Big C, a series focused on a woman being diagnosed with melanoma, concluded earlier this year.

The series premiere of Time of Death is set to air Friday, November 1st at 9:00 on Showtime.

Will you be watching Time of Death? How does the trailer make the series look? Do you think you’ll be able to make it through the episodes, considering how emotional everything is guaranteed to be?