Mistresses Season Finale Recap: Who Is the Father of Savi’s Baby?

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mistressesWhile April lays in bed with Lucy and sees the photo of Paul her daughter keeps on her nightstand, Joss is freaking out about where the Genzide results went off to and Savi stumbles across a yellow floral bouquet that was left on her door step – no signature, no florist.

At the mini-celebration for Savi’s birthday that April helped organize, the birthday girl is also presented with an all-expenses paid weekend trip to Palm Springs that the four of them would go on; however, Savi’s still lost in thought about the identity of the flower gifter and unwilling to listen to who her inner voice wants it to be, since she thinks she’s been a lunatic lately. She surprises the ladies with the mention of kissing Dom, but it’s April’s confession of making out with Paul and feeling the same things she felt while he was around that really gets the jaws to drop. She thinks that he smells and tastes exactly like he did before he “died” and that he more vividly becomes like the Paul she once knew the longer he stays around, to the point where her relationship with Richard pales in comparison. The girls aren’t feelings this new development, though, with Savi referring to what April’s going through as “battered wife syndrome” and both Karen and Joss expressing concerns about April shutting Richard out like this. April gets very defensive and points the finger back at her friends for being so judgmental, saying that they’ve all done their fair share of dirt and it’s not fair for the one person who hasn’t hurt anyone to be ganged up on like this.

Being that everyone has loose ends to tie up and jobs to work, the trip to Palm Springs can’t start early like Joss wants it to, with Karen seeing a therapist about what went on recently with the trial and memories of Tom being trudged up from her subconscious. Only the therapist didn’t know that Tom was the man she was having an affair with and lets it slip that he had been seen around the psych ward quite frequently in the past – where Elizabeth was staying and being attended to by a team of psychiatrists. At the Grey home, Elizabeth is drinking and finds a photo of Karen that Sam took; the two have a confrontation where she reveals that a concerned Karen came to her about his crush and he makes comments about his mother’s sobriety, how she drove Tom into Karen’s arms, and the fact that he slept with Karen. Meanwhile, Savi gets brief birthday well wishes from Dom and a call from Harry with the same message, only the latter is also to make sure that she got the bills he dropped off and to tell her that it might be time for her to take care of her own medical expenses.

As a result, Savi agrees to go down to Palm Springs early with Joss. They’re greeted with flowers, champagne, and a beautiful suite, which Joss gets upgraded to adjoining rooms since Karen and April would have to stay on another floor otherwise. When Savi (in her words) waddles to the bathroom, Joss calls Harry once again to see if he has the results, only to get his voicemail yet again. The two make it out to the pool and Savi sees something that changes her mind about not only being in Palm Springs right now, but how she views the next direction her life is set to go; while poolside, she watches a dad convince his floatie-clad son to jump into the pool for the first time by himself. This makes her quickly get up and head toward the car, Joss stopping her halfway and hearing that Savi’s whole perspective on who she wants to be with has changed. Before, she was looking at it through a lens of “who do I want to co-star with me in our romance?”, but now, she sees that the romance doesn’t have to be strictly romantic – it can be a romance of family, a family like she and Joss didn’t have when they were kids. Joss does manage to convince her to wait until the morning to go back for the results, though, arguing that she didn’t want the pregnant lady on the road at night by herself, when in reality, she was buying time for Harry to call her back.

Meanwhile, April goes to Richard’s house after not talking to him for a few days and sees the living room full of boxes and stacked up furniture, as if he already had one foot out of town and didn’t plan to tell her. He stops by the store, though, and puts her fears to rest when he informs her that the living room is simply being painted and that he’s not like Paul. She stops over at Karen’s the morning of their trek to Palm Springs to tell her that she wants to drive up separately, as Richard asked her to have brunch at the store. But really, April wants to talk about her feelings for both Richard and Paul and how ashamed she is that she no longer hates the latter; she doesn’t exactly love him right now, but there’s enough of a crack in the door to their relationship to where she’s confused about who she wants to ultimately be with. Karen asks her to close her eyes and, putting aside any judgment that she would receive for her decision, picture who she could see having a happy life with, who could be the father/lover/partner that she so desperately desires. April leaves when it looks like she found her answer and shortly after, Karen runs into Elizabeth while trying to make it out to pack her car. Elizabeth requests 5 minutes of her time, which Karen grants.

Joss wakes up to find a note on her pillow from Savi, saying that she went back for the results and should return around lunch. Frantically, she calls her sister until she notices her bag vibrating and picks it up; Joss tells her that the envelope isn’t in the dresser and that Harry took it when he came over the other morning. Savi curtly tells her that she’ll see her in an hour and promptly gets T-boned while attempting to pull back onto the freeway. Back home, April has Richard over to the store for brunch and breaks up with him, citing the fact that she was relieved when she saw that he had left – not relieved that he had left, relieved that she didn’t have to be the one to break his heart. He says that he wasted five years trying to get back together with his ex and make things work and simply walks away, ending things with April for good. Elsewhere, Sam is about to get on the road to the plane when he finds that Elizabeth is not in the house and that she took the gun from the safe.

While Elizabeth’s mood quickly turns from light and friendly to dark and forceful when she tells her to take a seat and answer a few questions, Harry gets a call from the hospital about Savi’s accident and quickly calls Joss to let her know what happened. The two race toward Ontario General, where they’re sending Savi, as April is heading toward Palm Springs and gets caught in the traffic jam that the accident created. She makes it to the hospital shortly after Harry and Joss soon joins; they find out that Savi made it through surgery and is in critical but stable condition. The baby also made it through the accident and subsequent surgery, Harry revealing that he looked at the results, that he’s not the father, and that Joss should call Dom upon hearing this. Needing some air, Joss and Harry go outside to unwind and she breaks down, unsure if she would be able to go on without Savi in her life. Harry reassures her that she would be able to make it and directs Dom to the floor that Savi’s on when he comes running.

Meanwhile, Karen endures Elizabeth taunting her about not having a family to put pictures up of in her living room and when she attempts to answer her phone as a way of getting out of this mess, hears the elder woman cock the gun she brought. An emotional Elizabeth accuses Karen of trying to steal her life and asks if she saw Tom’s face when she was having sex with Sam before agreeing to a drink. Karen manages to snatch her phone while Elizabeth wasn’t paying attention and brings it to the liquor cabinet, where she calls 911 and leaves the door open so the operator can hear what’s going on. At the hospital, everybody finds out that Savi experienced a hemothorax and a collapsed lung, but she’s awake, if a little groggy. Joss goes into the room to visit first and starts crying once she sees her badly beaten up sister, who asks whether Harry opened the results and seems relieved that he showed up to the hospital.

Harry then goes to visit and breaks the news that he’s not the father of the child. However, after getting the call about the accident, he doesn’t care who the father is, calling Savi his love and “choosing” her. Outside in the waiting room, Joss sits with and comforts Dom, while April sees Paul ignore a call from Miranda, which makes her get up and go for a short walk. Miranda calls and emotionally pleads with April to get Richard to call his son, who can be heard on the line. Dom then goes in to visit Savi and lovingly touches her face and tells her that he loves her and he always has – only for her to gently move his hand away, as if to tell him that she doesn’t want to be with him regardless of the fact that he’s the father of the child. Finally, Joss and April stop in, where the latter informs them that she sent Paul back to Miranda and the former reveals that she found out the identity of the flower gifter: their mother, heading to town on the first flight she can get on. Just when Savi is about to mention who she wanted the father to be, she flatlines and is last shown being worked on by a team of doctors as her loved ones tearfully look on.

Elsewhere, Karen tries to give information in what she says to Elizabeth that would tell the authorities where she was located, only for Elizabeth to discover the phone in the cabinet and order her upstairs. They get interrupted when Sam comes knocking at the door and Elizabeth makes Karen be quiet until they think she left. However, Karen resists when being forced upstairs and Sam breaks a window before charging at his mother to get the gun away from her. The camera pans away and the gun fires, spraying blood all over Karen’s white couch.

Additional thoughts and observations:
-So, okay, what?! If this show doesn’t get a renewal, I will literally wither up and die. Give me answers to these cliffhangers, ABC.
-How will a show that’s supposed to be sexy and juicy and all things soap-y survive a baby? Because Savi (surprisingly) didn’t lose the baby and if there’s a second season, I’m thinking that she might carry this thing to term, which is the only reason I’d be wary of a second season. Babies ruin television – it’s a fact of life.
-Sam looks like a younger Adam Scott. Talk amongst yourselves.
-Who did you think the flowers were from? I guessed Harry and that he would reveal it in the hospital when he made his confession/realization that he loves Savi too much to let her go.
-Very little Joss, although Jes McCallan killed her emotional scenes and showed a decidedly different side to this character than the ones we’ve seen the previous weeks.
-My favorite scenes of this show remain when they bring all four women together to just hang out and bounce off of one another. They have the chemistry to where the entire show could be them chatting and I would greatly enjoy it.
-Thank your favorite deity that April decided to dump Paul and avoid putting Miranda and her child through the same pain and agony that she and Lucy experienced for three years. Her going through with it would have put her dangerously close to being an irredeemable character for me, even though I got the reasoning why she wanted to be with him again. Also, poor Richard, right? Call me, Richard. You deserve better.
-Although I rather enjoy Alyssa Milano (and how Savi keeps the ground grounded and steady), I thought it would be super ballsy if they killed Savi off to end the season. It’d tether the girls that much closer together and it’d be interesting to see how they dealt with that level of grief.
-That was definitely Scott Weinger (aka Steve from Full House) in the pool, yeah? Random, but he looks good.
-Who do you think got shot? I’m leaning toward Elizabeth, only because it would be fitting for the one that brought the gun to have the gun turned on her. It might be Sam if they want to really put Karen through the ringer while locking Elizabeth up/getting her off the show, but I think the writers still see hope of a romance between Sam and Karen, enough to where they wouldn’t kill him off.
-The hospital room scenes were kind of excellent. Savi’s time with Joss was touching; the reunion with Harry, while expected, worked well for me; and Savi moving Dom’s hand away from her face was subtly devastating (similar to the way they revealed the paternity results) and a nice way to close off hope of their romance.
-Does Gin Wigmore have incriminating photos on an ABC executive? She was all over Revenge earlier this season and now she had two songs in the Mistresses finale. Good songs, yes, but it was just a small world moment to hear her pop up again. However, one of my favorite aspects of the show has been its soundtrack and it continued that tonight with songs from Wigmore and Ellie Goulding, among others.
-Thank you guys for reading my Mistresses coverage this summer. I didn’t expect much when I started the show, but I grew to really enjoy spending an hour with these characters every week and became more invested in their lives by the episode. I think the show could really solidify itself next season (if there is one) with smarter scheduling and adding a little more humor to the proceedings and I hope that it gets the chance to do just that.