Siberia 1.07 Preview: Winter is Coming

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siberiaEven though not everyone was completely on board with the idea, the contestants on Siberia were forced to split into two groups: one that would stay back at camp and take care of Irene and another that would hike the 10-15 miles to the light that Daniel discovered, in hopes of there being a town or some way for them to communicate with the outside world. It’s certainly a risky move, considering how weak the group already was and how neither side was left with that much supplies, but it was one they needed to make if they want to have a shot at escaping the woods that have become their home. There might not be anything to the light, but it’s one of the only rays of hope that they’ve had since things have gotten too weird to explain and it might be their only shot at saving themselves from certain peril.

On the next episode of Siberia, an early winter has hit Siberia, even though it’s still the middle of the summer. Now, the group heading toward the light has to deal with devastating temperatures and the possibility of not making it to their destination, as they don’t have any means of protecting themselves against the elements. But what could really be their undoing is the fact that their chances of making it home are slipping through their fingers, that even if they survive the cold, they don’t know how long it will linger or if they’ll get another chance as good as this to find their way out of Siberia. The hope they invested in the light was about all that was keeping them going, but it might have gotten extinguished by the random snowfall that could claim their lives in the process.

Elsewhere on Siberia, one contestant is pushed to the edge of their sanity and has to be tied down, while the group that stayed back at camp has to hike to the base camp in order to look for food and clothing.

Siberia airs Mondays at 10:00 on NBC.

Do you think it was smart for the group to split in two? Which contestant is most likely heading toward insanity? Will every contestant survive the cold and the separation of the two factions?