Hit the Floor Season Finale Sneak Peek: Olivia Delivers a Crushing Statement to the Press

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hit the floor olivia

hit the floor oliviaIn the closing moments of Monday’s Hit the Floor, Olivia and Sloane were stunned to discover that one of the Devil Girls had been found dead. Not only would this give the Devils organization as a whole a massive jolt, it would reverberate throughout Hit the Floor no matter who died, as the show has woven a tangled web of secrecy, blackmail, and scandal that has connected all of the Devil Girls in some form or fashion. Whoever’s body is retrieved from under the bridge would set off a chain reaction of despair, anger, and (in some cases) celebration, paving the way for a second season that would find the squad reeling from such a personal loss.

On the next episode of Hit the Floor, Olivia is forced to face the press and deliver a statement about the fallen dancer, which Sloane watches from home. However, we still don’t know whose body was found or the cause of death, two important factors in determining how both the Devil organization and the Devil Girls squad will react. Should foul play be suspected, fingers will be pointed around the lockerroom, potentially decimating any type of chemistry or camaraderie the girls may have and starting the second season of the VH1 soap on a deliciously paranoid note. But which Devil Girl seems the most likely candidate to meet her maker in the season finale? Who is Olivia talking about in her live statement to the press?

Elsewhere on Hit the Floor, Ahsha and Derek grow closer following her breakup with German, while Terence stuns Jelena with a major decision and Pete gets romantic with Raquel.

The season finale of Hit the Floor airs Monday at 9:00 on VH1.

Which Devil Girl do you think won’t survive until season two? Will Ahsha hook up with Derek now that she’s single? Is Terence plotting to breakup with Jelena after finding the bottle in her locker?