Defiance 1.09 Preview: Earth Republic Quarantines Defiance

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defiancePart of the problem with how the Defiance world is post-invasion is that with travel options restricted, it takes much longer to get anywhere than it did pre-invasion. That can be a plus in some ways, as they would have plenty of time to prepare should another town decide to try and take over, but if anyone gets sick or needs aid that cannot be provided by Defiance, they’d have to hang on until the journey can be made. Having to rely on themselves built Defiance into the town that it is, but sometimes, despite the self-sufficient nature of the alien melting pot, they need to have help in sustaining their current way of life. And with the plague hitting harder than expected, they’re decidedly on their own – for now.

On the next episode of Defiance, the plague has went from an isolated case to killing six Defiance residents and leaving 21 in critical condition, including Amanda. Understandably, without a leader to guide them through what could be a devastating outbreak, the town struggles, with Datak assuming the role of acting-mayor and likely laying the groundwork to oust Amanda from the position once election time rolls around. If the people of Defiance see him as one of the main reasons for saving them from the plague, they might not look at Amanda as much of an authority figure, even though she couldn’t help becoming infected herself. They already didn’t have much faith in her after taking over for Nicky and something like this could tip the scales even further and make her reelection trickier than she expected/hopes it to be. Could the balance of power in Defiance be shifting before our very eyes?

Defiance airs Mondays at 9:00 on Syfy.

What do you think will rid Defiance of the plague and get the town back to normal? Is Earth Republic’s quarantine another step toward gaining control of the town? What could have wrought the plague that’s slowly eating away at the foundation of the boomtown?