Magic City Redband Trailer: You’ve Got One Move Left

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Magic City

Magic CityStarz has released a redband behind the scenes look at the upcoming season of Magic City. The series will reportedly focus more on the gangster side of Miami, including the emergence of Chicago mob boss (and one of the only men who can contain Ben Diamond) Sy Berman, to be played by James Caan. Last season, the show gave a brief glimpse into the world of Diamond and those like him, but with the battle between him and Ike, as well as the dangers to those in their respective camps,  intensifying, it makes sense to give him more time and allow audiences to watch his strategizing take place.

It also helps matters that Danny Huston was nominated for a Golden Globe this past year, so giving him more scenery to chew and amping up the stakes between his character and Ike makes sense. However, creator Mitch Glazer mentions that one of the two will have to go by the end of the season, seeing as how there’s only so far that their conflict can go before death comes a-knockin’. Seeing as how Huston and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are the faces of the series, though, it would be extremely bold for Glazer to knock one of them out – but one that could pay off handsomely in terms of stakes and creative energy.

In addition to Caan, joining the cast of the period drama this season are rapper Rick Ross as Butterball, owner of an illegal gambling house; Jamie Harris as trigger happy drug addict Nicky Grillo; and Esai Morales as former Cuban rebel Carlos Ruiz.

The second season of Magic City premieres Friday, June 14th at 9:00 on Starz. You can check out the first five minutes of the season premiere here.

Will you be watching Magic City this season? Do you think the show would be bold enough to get rid of someone like Ben Diamond? Which characters are in the most danger of being taken out by the end of the season?