Game of Thrones: Valar Dohaeris 3.1 Recap

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Valar_Dohaeris4Game of Thrones Season 3 “Valar Dohaeris” opens with Samwell Tarly running in the snow toward one of his fellow Night Watchmen, only to find him frozen, holding his head in his own hands. A wildling goes after Sam with an ax, but Ghost attacks, saving Sam and the recruits are there to set him ablaze. Jeor Mormont asks Sam if he released the crows. Sam nods his head no. Mormont shouts that was Sam’s only job and now the men must return to the wall. If the people are not told, everyone will soon be dead.

Jon Snow continues his travels with Ygritte, and she continues to taunt him both emotionally and physically. I’m not sure he knows which is worse. Her people pelt him with rocks as he walks through the village.  Mance Rayder really likes Jon, so he’ll live another day. Ygritte tells Tormund Giantsbane that Jon killed Qhorin and wants to be one of them. Jon mistakes Tormund their king and bows before them, giving them a giggle. Once Mance Rayder learns Jon is Ned Stark’s bastard, he believes he can talk with him freely and they shake hands. Rayder calls Jon a traitor, and Jon says if he’s a traitor, then Rayder is one, too. Jon tells Rayder he wants to join forces with them because when they stopped at Crastor’s keep he saw him take the baby beyond the woods and saw what took it. When he told the Lord Commander and he already knew, Jon knew he wanted to fight for the side that fights for the living. Rayder says they need to get Jon a new cloak.

Bronn is with a lovely, half naked woman in an opulent room. He is interrupted from his festivities because Tyrion has sent a man for him, a matter of life or death. Meanwhile, Cersei visits Tyrion with a couple of guards at her side. He is afraid of being killed and greets her with a battle ax. Cersei taunts Tyrion about his fall from the Hand of the King to his presence circumstances, making little people jokes and worrying about why he might want to see Tywin. She accuses him of wanting to see Tywin to tell him lies about she and Joffrey and they trade barbs about who is the more accomplished liar.

Bronn arrives as she is leaving and he and Tyrion take a stroll along the wall of the keep. Bronn complains about how little he is being paid and demands more, all in good fun, of course.

Davos Seaworth is found on an island by a local boat belonging to the fleet of Xaro Xhoan Daxos. Davos’ face burnt and he tells Xaro Xhoan his son is dead. Xaro says he too, has lost a son and tells Davos Stannis is alive and licking his wounds at Dragonstone. Davos wants to go there immediately because the war is not yet over. For Xaro Xhoan, it is. He have 30 ships but was not paid for with the promised riches and glory. Davos pleas that Stannis never gives up were met with a counter that Stannis sees no one, not his generals, not his wife, only the “red woman.” She is whispering into his ear what she sees in the fire and burns all who speak against her in a fire, calling them servants of darkness.

Valar_Dohaeris2Robb is looking for a fight from the Lannisters, but doesn’t believe he is going to get one. Coming upon a keep slaughtered, Robb believes it was the work of Jaime Lannister and Brienne and orders she be found a chamber that can be utilized as a cell where she can be kept. Talisa reminds him she is her mother. Robb doesn’t care, she set Jaime free and in turn robbed the dead in front of him of their justice.

Tyrion finally meets with his father, announcing that mounted a defense against the city while Tywin held court at Harrenhal, Tyrion fought and bled in the mud for that city while his nephew and king cowered in fear. What he would like is some gratitude. Tywin replies that he has seven kingdoms to look after and three of them are in open rebellion and he’s like to know exactly what Tyrion is after. Tyrion says that the day Jaime put on the cloak he gave up his rights to Casterly Rock and that’s what he wants. Tywin said he will find accommodations more suited to his names as a reward for his accomplishments at Blackwater Bay, but he has a lot to do before he is given a suitable wife. Tywin then shows his cards, he holds the death of his wife, Tyrion’s mother against him and believes Tyrion to be a bastard. He’s more concerned with Tyrion’s whoring and sarcastic wit at the expense of the family name, it appears, than he is with the fact his other children bear…eath other’s children.

Shae and Sansa share a conversation by the sea about passing ships. carrying silk to Dawn. They are playing a game about inventing a story about where the ship might be going, but Shae is terrible at it. Littlefinger interrupts and tells Sansa she recently saw Catelyn. This is the first Sansa learns Arya is alive. He tells Sansa if he is given assignment away from the capital, he may be able to take her away, but she must be ready at a moments notice.

Ros and Shae share stories of their humble beginnings, and Ros tells Shae to specifically look out for Sansa with Baelish.

Dany’s dragons are growing fast, but she thinks not fast enough. She needs an army. Jorah tries to assuage her fears. Dany talks about being the true Khalasar and believes she is making progress as the first Dothraki who followed her across the poisoned water trusted her to do so. Jorah reminds her she will only be so when she is strong, and not before.

Davos arrives at Dragonstone and confronts Stannis. Melisandre at his side, she asks how he would punish the infidels. She blames Davos for their defeat because he convinced Stannis to leave her behind when she could have saved them all. Davos tries to kill Melisandre after she tells him what she told his son, that death by fire is the purest of them all. Stannis commands he be locked up in the dungeon.

Valar_ Dohaeris2Joffrey is being carried through King’s Landing and his carriage stops because Lady Margaery is nearby and hopes to speak with him. She walks through a puddle of feces in her attempt to get to him, but he travels on. Margaery then speaks with the local children, telling them their fathers were heroes and they should be proud of them. She gives toys and gifts to the children and tells them under King Joffrey’s leadership they will take care of them all. Joffrey looks on, stunned.

Joffrey later visits with her for dinner with Cersei and Ser Loras. After Margaery compliments Cersei on her garments, Cersei suggests she might get herself some armor before she becomes queen if she plans to continue stopping in orphanages, the very place where Joffrey was once attacked and barely escaped with his life.

Daenerys visits the village of Astapor to check on an army of slaves for sale, the Unsullied. They are a despicable bunch who’s training includes killing a baby in front of its mother and giving her a silver coin to give to her owner for their loss. Dany is offended and wonders who she will be if she owns such an army. There are 8,000 men to buy, and Jorah points out that closing her eyes to what has been done to them will not undo what has been done, but she could make their lives better. She wouldn’t own them, but provide them a different way of serving in an army. Dany then discovers the people are warlocks. At Astapor, they find the Lord Commander of Robert Baratheon’s King’s Guard, Ser Barristan Selmy. He tells Dany he was searching for her to ask her forgiveness because he was sworn to protect her family and he failed. He was the King’s Guard to her family and if he joins the Queens Guard, he will not fail her again.