FX Network Up Fronts – FX Begets FXlets! The FX Suite of Networks

by Carissa Pavlica 637 views0

FX-logoIt seems the network’s strategy is not only to concentrate on it’s original FX Network original dramas, but to spin off two NEW networks aimed at new target audiences.

FXX will aim at the younger viewers, think the raunchy 18-34 year old crowd. Why raunchy? Because moving with the netlet will be FX staple comedies It’s Always Sunny In PhiladelphiaThe League,  and Legit.. Not exactly the same crowd other younger skewing networks go for, so it should find quite a nice niche for itself. There are also plans to develop new, scripted dramas for the network as well. It will launch in more than 74 million homes and likely take over the FX Soccer channel. I’ll wait while you rush to see if your current carrier provides the channel or if you’re going to need to start a campaign.

FXM will target 25-54 year old viewers (thank you FX for believing people don’t drop off the planet after the age of 49) and is planning on developing and airing limited series and miniseries. There was no mention on the initial rollout to the number of households. Personally, I’m extremely excited about this idea. How well this network does could go a long way to determining the future of network programming in general. For years we’ve been debating the relevance of a show with a lifespan with an expectancy of decades without cast changes and how the audience reacts to it. AMC rolled the dice on altering the original format of the The Killing by extended a wrapped up murder story in one season, and failed. They’re giving it another try, but with an entire network focusing on one thing, the dam could finally break.

The FX Suite of networks will also include an app with expanded content on-demand to authenticated users and an FX Movie Bin with over 40 on-demand movies per month.

In addition to everything mentioned above, FX have also amassed a large amount of acquired series and theatrical movies to keep their networks stocked with content.

Other news at the up fronts included the anticipated announcement additional season pickups of those series mentioned above as well as Justified, Sons of Anarchy and new programming from Ang Lee, the Coen Brothers, Guillermo del Toro, Alexander Payne, Sam Mendes and Paul Giamatti. The Coen Brothers will be a limited series version of their former theatrical release Fargo (presumably for FXM?) and Guillermo del Toro will produce The Strain “a unique, biological approach” to vampirism.

The Americans had already been renewed for a second season, American Horror Story : Coven will be out in time for Halloween and the fourth season of Louie will premiere in May 2014.