Low Winter Sun Trailer: Committing a Crime from the Inside

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low winter sun amc

low winter sun amcWhat is the perfect crime?

Everyone from low level criminals to the most lauded of criminologists have been trying to figure out what constitutes the perfect crime for years, if such a thing even exists. Even plans that seem to be quite foolproof are capable of having holes poked in them, but with technology continuing to advance and crime blanketing the evening news, those who commit (or aspiring to commit) actions against their fellow man are getting smarter. On AMC’s upcoming crime drama Low Winter Sun, someone thinks they’ve planned out the perfect crime, but did they really cover their bases that well?

Starring Lennie James (The Walking Dead) and Mark Strong (Zero Dark Thirty), Low Winter Sun features a Detroit detective murdering a fellow cop, thinking that his rank and shield of fellow detectives will protect him from ever being convicted, should he even be arrested or tried for the crime. However, his actions will set off a chain of events that will forever change the direction of both the Detroit PD and his life, pulling him into the heart of the Detroit underworld and making him face the darkness that lies within. He might have thought he would get away with doing away with his colleague and not have to face any complications or consequences as a result, but even the most decorated of detectives learn that even they can’t fool the criminal justice system.

In addition to James and Strong, Low Winter Sun stars Athena Karkanis (Saw IV), Erika Alexander (Living Single), David Costabile (Lincoln), James Ransone (Inside Man), Ruben Santiago-Hudson (American Gangster), and Sprauge Grayden (Paranormal Activity 2).

Low Winter Sun premieres this summer on AMC. The show, described as “a contemporary story of murder, deception, revenge and corruption,” is based on an award-winning 2006 BBC mini-series of the same name.

Will you be watching Low Winter Sun? Did the trailer make you more excited for the show to premiere? What are you expecting from the first season?