Red Widow 1.03 Sneak Peek: Marta Faces Reality

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Red Widow

Red WidowMarta Walraven proved last week on Red Widow that she would be willing to do anything she could to take care of her late husband’s debt and protect her children from international crime boss Nicholae Schiller. Though she’s been around the world of organized crime since she was a young girl, the California mom had never actively participated in nefarious activities, choosing to remain willfully ignorant of what her father, brother, and husband were doing and how they made their money. Unfortunately, she can no longer afford to do that. but just how long will she be forced into a life that she doesn’t want to live?

On the next episode of Red Widow, Marta’s drug smuggle hits a snag that could send everything crashing down around her, but luckily, she manages to get the consignment back on track and completes the mission handed to her by Schiller. The widow thinks that she’s in the clear; Schiller only told her that she needed to do one consignment to square away Evan’s debt, so now that she gave him what he wanted, he should leave her alone. Right?

Schiller tells Marta that she’s now a liability, suggesting that if she doesn’t do as he says from now on, he’ll be forced to take her out like he took Evan out. A lot of product was stolen from him and he’s still very much upset, so he decided to use the housewife to complete the consignment out of convenience and a need to understand just how far she’d be willing to go. Now that he knows that she’ll follow in her husband’s footsteps, Schiller will likely continue to use her in operations, both as a cover (she looks like an ordinary California housewife) and a way to keep her under his thumb. Will Marta ever find a way out of her new life?

Elsewhere on Red Widow, Marta’s children unwittingly become involved in the FBI investigation, while Boris continues to be haunted by the murder of his father.

Red Widow airs Sundays at 10:00 on ABC.

Was Marta in denial about her situation with Schiller? What would it take for her to free herself and her children from this situation? Will the FBI turn up anything in their investigation?