Red Widow 1.01 Sneak Peek: Marta Wants Evan to Leave the Business

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red widow

red widowGrowing up with a father in organized crime made Marta yearn to break free and protect her own family from undergoing the same stress that she did. While she did end up marrying a man that wasn’t connected to the life and having three children, she got her brother to push him into getting involved in drug-running, a move that bought her a lavish lifestyle that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Consciously, Marta might want to leave the life and find some semblance of normalcy, but the problem is that organized crime is the norm for her. It’s what she knows and it’s a world she can navigate, but when her conscience gets the best of  her, can she completely separate herself (and her family) from the danger lurking near?

On the series premiere of Red Widow, Marta has decided to use her children as leverage to get Evan to quit the business. After their youngest child Boris brings a gun to school and gets expelled, she sees the path that she’s sending them on and she doesn’t want them to end up like her or her brother. She wants them to live healthy, happy, productive lives where they contribute positively to society and don’t have to worry about their safety due to who their family is. That can’t happen if Evan is still connected and she threatens to leave him and take the kids if he doesn’t make it happen.

But wanting to leave the life isn’t exactly an easy thing to do, particularly for Evan; after an associate makes an ill-advised  move against an international crime boss, there are really two options. Either he and Marta can take the kids and go into witness protection or he can continue working in hopes of squaring the debt accrued and pray that the boss is forgiving of the company he keeps. Which is it?

The two-hour series premiere of Red Widow airs Sunday at 9:00 on ABC, with the remaining episodes airing at 10:00 beginning the next week. You can watch the first hour of the premiere here.

Why did Marta wait so long to try and get Evan out of the business? What made her push him to get involved in the first place? Would she be able to provide for the family without him?