The Bachelor Makes “Tierra-ble” Decision

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W4recapLast night on The Bachelor, Sean, who had has been doing pretty well with his decisions thus far, made his first real monumental error when it came down to handing out roses.

His first date of the week with Selma, a real estate developer from San Diego, went smooth enough, although I think he will find that she is a bit too prissy in the end. Despite the fact that she claimed to hate heights and being hot, their rock climbing date in the desert was a success, which made Sean hopeful that she was his type of girl (keep dreaming, Buddy). At dinner, there was a good amount of cuddling and gazing into one another’s eyes, but when it came time to seal the deal with a kiss, Selma put the brakes on, explaining that her strict Muslim upbringing would not allow her to kiss him on camera (at least until she was the only woman left standing). Sean accepted her situation and, not surprisingly, gave her the rose.

At the group date, the ladies were sent to a roller derby rink where they began training to compete on teams against each other. The majority of the ladies spent a good part of the time slipping and falling, but Amanda, who lied and claimed to have done roller derby in the past, began zipping around and showing off for Sean.  After a bit too much showing off, however, she bit the dust, causing paramedics to declare that her jaw may be broken (off to the hospital with you, Amanda). Sarah, who was very concerned about her lack of balance due to the fact that she only has one arm, fought through the fear and gave skating a try. After Amanda’s fall, Sean declared that the competition was off and the group proceeded to participate in a good old fashioned “free skate” (Where’s the Hokey Pokey music when you need it?).

After their visit to the roller derby, the date continued on for some one-on-one time with Sean and, of course, some drinks. Part way through the night, Amanda showed up ready to play the sympathy card, but didn’t really get too much, even from Sean who claimed he couldn’t really see any swelling. Tierra, who was probably angry with Amanda for stealing her move of getting injured, eventually couldn’t take not being the center of attention and stormed off declaring that she was quitting the show. Her exit, of course, could not be complete without a well timed visit to Sean, who just so happened to be making out with Lindsay at the time. Once leaving Lindsay behind, Sean sat down with Tierra to listen to her tale of torture and how she just couldn’t take the fakeness of the women any longer. Like a fool, Sean swallowed every word she said and, just to be certain she wouldn’t leave (as if!), he gave her the rose, therefore infuriating the rest of the ladies on the date.

For his last date, Sean chose to take Leslie H. out for a “Pretty Woman” style shopping trip in which she got to pick out an entire new outfit for their dinner date. After choosing a new dress and shoes for the evening, Sean completed the “Pretty Woman” scenario by offering up a 120-carat necklace for her to wear. At dinner, the couple tried to get to know one another, but it was really just painful to watch with Leslie looking all bright eyed and interested and Sean looking bored and grasping for an excuse to leave, which is exactly what he did. After listening for a short period of time about her family and dating history, he picked up the rose, only to tell her that he would not be giving it to her because he just couldn’t make the romantic connection happen. A surprised Leslie headed out to her car, asked him to remove the necklace, and hit the road.

At the rose ceremony, Sean had only one girl left to send home, having already given Leslie the boot earlier.  He, then, continued with his tough love approach, sending Amanda home without too much explanation or thought to the fact that she had spent the majority of her date in the emergency room, which was really no loss since, next to Tierra, she gets the award for the most crazy in the house.

Next week, The Bachelor returns for two nights of drama with one episode on its regular Monday night and a bonus episode on Tuesday night, and if the previews are any indication, I think we get to see Tierra try to one up Amanda’s hospital visit.

What did you think of Sean’s decision to keep Tierra? Will he finally see through her next week? Share your comments below.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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