The Bachelor Breezes Through His First Dates Unscathed

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LESLEY M., SEAN LOWELast night on The Bachelor, the first round of dates got underway with Sean taking two ladies out for individual dates and thirteen others on an enormous group date.

For his first one on one date, Sean chose to take out Sarah, the advertisement executive from Colorado. Unsure of what to expect and whether or not Sean would try to take it easy on her since she only has one arm, Sarah was soon shown the exact opposite when he told her they would be free falling over three hundred feet to a champagne toast. After successfully completing the daring fall, the two managed to have an honest and seemingly comfortable conversation in which Sean offered her a rose to guarantee her safety for the week.

Sean got his first lesson in group dating 101 when he managed to juggle thirteen women after having to kiss many of them in front of the group for a Harlequin romance novel photo shoot. If it wasn’t awkward enough to have that many ladies on one date, throw in multiple PDA’s and you are certain to stir up a bit of drama. After the photo shoot that Kristy, unsurprisingly won since she is a model, afterall, the group headed back for a pool party that left Tierra pouting about Sean’s lack of attention to her. Katie, the yoga instructor with Marie Antoinette hair, decided that The Bachelor was not for her and hit the road with little to no resistance from Sean. Kacie, on the other hand, was determined to try to break out of the “friend zone,” which she successfully managed after a fun and easy conversation with Sean about how she discovered she had feelings for him. At the end of the group date, Sean gave the rose to Kacie, leaving Tierra and many of the other girls less than pleased.

For the final one on one date of the week, Sean opted to take Desiree, the bridal stylist from Colorado, to an art gallery where they would enjoy the art and apparently test out Desiree’s sense of humor. Sean, a known prankster, set her up to believe that she was responsible for knocking over a million dollar piece of art work, but after a very short while, he couldn’t make her suffer and he fessed up to the prank. Desiree, a very good sport, laughed it off and made him pay later when she hesitated to accept his rose for an uncomfortably long amount of time.

At The Bachelor cocktail party, Sean made a special effort to speak with the ladies who did not get to go on dates for the week. Lindsay, who dressed up in a wedding dress in week 1, managed to have a coherent conversation with him this time around without trying to kiss him and they both agreed that they wanted to get to know each other more. Amanda, who spent the evening scowling and looking a bit like a serial killer, remarkably perked up when it was her turn to speak to Sean. After tying up the loose ends and speaking with many of the other women, it was time for the rose ceremony in which Sean predictably sent home the two women, Brooke and Diana, who we really hadn’t heard anything about or seen Sean interact with at all.

Although this week wasn’t the most exciting of episodes, it looks as though next week may make up for it when the women start to get nasty in their fight to win Sean’s affection and Tierra somehow ends up in a neck brace heading to the hospital. Shame on me for being excited.

What did you think of Amanda and Tierra’s split personalities? Did Sean make the right choices last night? Sound off here!

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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