The League 4.08/4.09 Promo: Of Truth Hammers and Fruit Rollups

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the league

the leagueDo you want more of The League?

Do you think you can handle more of The League?

It doesn’t matter because you’re getting more of The League. Beginning Thursday, December 6th at 10:30, the FX fantasy football comedy will be airing three consecutive weeks of back-to-back new episodes, culminating in a December 20th season finale.

Up first in the upcoming League blitz is “The Anchor Baby,” where Ruxin runs into marital problems with Sofia, who he thinks has soured on their relationship, and the guys try to lose an acquaintance that none of them care to be around. Meanwhile, Jenny uses insider information to help her in making a dirty trade, which will assuredly come back to bite her in some way. Kevin might not be that vengeful toward his wife, Taco couldn’t care less about the dirty dealings of The League, and Jenny can handle anything that Andre tries to do to get even with her, but if she screwed over either Pete or (especially) Ruxin, she might want to brace herself for the humiliation to come.

Following at 11:00 will be “Bro-lo El Cordero,” where Andre takes advantage of Kevin following his colonoscopy and Pete thinks that his grandpa is committing adultery. Meanwhile, there’s a major League dispute and as no one wants Ruxin to be the deciding word in anything, they call in the only other person they’ve got – Rafi. However, I have a feeling that by the end of the episode, the League will be kicking themselves for not just letting Ruxin get his way and avoiding the damage that will surely come from Rafi being in charge.

Do you think doubling up on episodes of The League is a good idea? What will happen once the rest of The League finds out that Jenny used insider information to make her trade? Will Rafi actually be able to settle the League dispute properly or will it turn into a bigger mess than if Ruxin had been in charge?