Supernatural Review: Citizen Fang

by Carissa Pavlica 498 views0

We all knew nothing good was going to come of inviting a hunter recently freed from the loony bin to start hunting again, right? Especially when Sam tasked him with keeping an eye on Benny. Supernatural was one big cluster frak from start to finish.

You could tell someone let Martin out prematurely the way he was darting around the room like he was on crack. I wanted to smack him, or tie him to a chair. He was being completely irrational and disrespectful to boot. However he was when John Winchester worked with him, surely there was little of that man left dealing with Sam and Dean.

Still, Dean was being courteous and reasonable. Not knowing what Benny had been up to, and realizing he was what he was and vampires do what the do, he went along for the ride. The last thing he needed on his conscience was someone he released from purgatory taking innocent lives. That will never be what Dean stands for and he’s smart enough to ensure work it through. Giving Benny the benefit of the doubt and calling him was also very like Dean, after all, Benny had never let him down and he wasn’t about to be the first to do it in their friendship.

It was a nice touch, showing just how much Benny had changed, that he had settled in the Bayou working alongside his great granddaughter, albeit without telling her who he was. How could he pull that off without telling her he was a vampire? He loved her enough to just be by her side, get to know her and save her the drama of what became of his life. I thought it was rather admirable.

Once Benny was cleared of wrong doing, he and Dean said their goodbyes. Unfortunately, with someone ruthless trying to hurt him and those around him, he couldn’t take the chance of staying with his own blood and it was time to move on. Honestly, I was feeling pretty sad that we were saying goodbye to Benny and Ty Olsson, so the ironic twist that Martin was the one with a true lust for blood appeased me for a bit. More on that in a moment.

Once Dean thought he had cleaned up the Benny situation, he wanted to see something else tidied up – whatever the hell was going on between Sam and Amelia. We learned through more blurry flashbacks that Sam chose to leave her, to give her a shot with Don. I think her heart was pretty solidly in the Sam camp, but leaving left the door wide open for change. Dean had rigged a phone to make it seem Amelia needed Sam in a hurry, and of course he went. What he found was the two of them on the couch, drinking some beer and watching television; living the life that should have been his. The life that would have been his if he had only he had stayed and fought for it.

He left, but she found him. Just after he angrily rang Dean. Then he learned Benny killed Martin he was out for blood. He didn’t even bother to listen to why taking his life was necessary, because his vengeance wasn’t about Benny, it was about the loss of his own life. But he turned around, ready to leave, guns blazing, if you will, to see Amelia.

Of course, I missed the previews, so I have no idea what’s up next. I highly doubt Sam will push past Amelia in a rush to avenge Martin. Even he had to have figured out what a loose cannon he let into the wild with that one. He’ll have to face Amelia and in some respect The Brothers Winchester will still be at odds. Unless Amelia can break through Sam’s damaged heart. It is nearing Christmas, after all, and there’s some story somewhere about a grinch and his heart growing in size…

For me, I’m happy Benny made it out alive and didn’t go underground just yet. I like the idea we’ve finally found a supernatural being the Winchesters can trust. It brings a new aspect to a show in its eighth season, proving again Supernatural doesn’t have to fight very hard for relevancy, because it just comes naturally.