The League 3.05 Promo: You Don’t Have Hair – You Have Skin

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the league fx

the league fxLadies and gentleman, I give you Judge MacArthur.

Who knew that election fever would strike The League, of all places? Tonight on the FX fantasy football comedy, Kevin has decided to run for judge and ends up at a charity event with Buffalo Bills quarterback (and Harvard University graduate) Ryan Fitzpatrick. Kevin may (arguably) be the most competent member of The League, but he’s just as prone to messing up any good thing that comes around as any other member of the group and I don’t expect any type of campaign (or charity event) to go well for him…really, anytime soon. Politics is a rough field to begin with, as we’ve seen over the recent campaign season, so throw in the football element, Kevin’s competitiveness, and no political experience and you have a recipe for disaster.

Considering that he (and Jenny) could barely contain themselves around the mother of Jay Cutler’s baby around last week, it might be the presence of Fitzpatrick that does him in at the event, both in terms of being around a football player/tempted to go into fantasy mode and having someone with that type of pedigree near him. Kevin’s insecure about his intelligence anyway and to be near someone from Harvard at an event like that could threaten him, put him on the defensive, and send his chances of making a fool of himself shooting through the roof.

Elsewhere on The League, Ellie contracts lice and Andre might need to get himself checked as a result, despite being bald and not wanting to acknowledge/come to terms with his hair loss. Meanwhile, the guys take an intelligence test to determine the smartest member of their group, which can only mean that they’ll try to cheat, attempt to sabotage one another, and Taco will emerge victorious.

The League airs tonight at 10:30 on FX.

Which member of the group do you think will be the smartest? How will Kevin embarrass himself in front of Ryan Fitzpatrick? Will Andre catch lice from Ellie?