Boardwalk Empire 3.12 Preview: The Atlantic City Bloodbath

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Boardwalk Empire Season 3

Boardwalk Empire Season 3Gyp is winning. Backed by the all-powerful Joe Masseria, whose wave upon wave of men have given the hair-trigger Italian even more confidence, Rosetti has made in roads toward gaining control of Atlantic City and ousting Nucky once and for all. He’s got the casino and the warehouse, while being holed up in Gillian’s brothel, much to her chagrin. Right now, it looks like Boardwalk Empire will be welcoming a brand new kingpin come season four and the atmosphere in Atlantic City will be much more tense as a result.

However, last week, Nucky gained more strength than he’s had in quite a while, with Eli coming through on getting Capone involved in the conflict. Combine the Chicago crime lord with a motivated Chalky White, who will get his club after all if Nucky retains control of the city, and an ever-scheming Rothstein and Rosetti’s victory isn’t completely assured. Nucky might not have as much of a stranglehold on the conflict as he had earlier in the season, but he has the alliance needed to vanquish Gyp from Atlantic City, especially if he can figure out who was responsible for leaking the impending attack on Masseria that led to Owen getting killed.

Elsewhere on Boardwalk Empire, Harrow returns to the brothel after being thrown out by Gillian, Luciano is strong-armed into taking on another partner following his arrest, Chalky and Capone put aside their differences to take on Masseria’s men together, and Margaret makes a decision that could change her life permanently.

The third season finale of Boardwalk Empire airs tonight at 9:00 on HBO. The show was renewed for a fourth season this past October and will be returning in the fall of 2013.

Who do you think will ultimately come out on top in the war for Atlantic City: Gyp or Nucky? Will any more of Nucky’s men double cross him and go over to the other side? What happens once the war is finally over and some semblance of normalcy returns to the city?