Bob’s Burgers 3.05 Sneak Peeks: A Very Belcher Thanksgiving

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Bob's Burgers

Bob's BurgersTonight on Bob’s Burgers, it’s Thanksgiving for the Belcher family, which happens to be Bob’s favorite holiday. Of course, the kids put Black Friday (because it’s dark), the season premiere of Game of Thrones, and Amateur Night, among many others, ahead of it, but the Belchers have many a tradition meant for the fourth Thursday in November and Bob cherishes each one of them. However, this year will be different and it’s all thanks to their landlord who asks something of the family that I guarantee they’ve never heard before.

Mr. Fischoeder comes into the restaurant offering Bob a pretty intriguing deal; in exchange for one month’s rent, he needs Bob’s family to pose as his family for one night. An ex that likes married guys will be in town and he wants to try to win her back with his “new life,” the only way he might be able to do so. In addition to Linda and the kids becoming Fischoeders for a few hours, Bob will be hired as the cook and will prepare the meal for everyone. While the extra money is a major pro to going through with the plan, the reason that Bob loves Thanksgiving is being together with the family and enjoying the traditions they’ve done every year. If he’s trapped in the (tiny) kitchen for the night and can’t spend time with Linda and the kids, the day won’t have the same feeling and to him, it might not be worth the money to go through the motions.

Bob’s Burgers airs tonight at 8:30 on FOX.

How will Bob react to being relegated to cook for the evening? Will Tina, Gene, and Louise have a good time playing Mr. Fischoeder’s children? Is there any way that this doesn’t blow up in Mr. Fischoeder’s face, particularly if Bob gets bitter or if the kids get too rowdy?