Dallas Cancelled by TNT

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dallasVariety is reporting that Dallas has been cancelled after three seasons.

“We are extremely proud of the series, which defied expectations by standing as a worthy continuation of the Ewing saga,” a TNT spokesperson said. “We want to thank everyone involved with the show, from the extraordinary cast to the impeccable production team, led by the show’s creative forces, Cynthia Cidre and Mike Robin. We especially want to thank the people of Dallas for their warm and generous hospitality during the production of the series.”

The revival of the classic CBS soap received blockbuster ratings in its 2012 premiere, hitting over seven million viewers for its first episode that summer. However, the show wasn’t allowed to wholly air in the summer for its final two seasons, a curious decision given how appropriate its tone and content are for summer viewing, and wasn’t given the type of companion piece necessary to dig itself out of the ratings hole it found itself in. Dallas was the only soap on a network known for crime procedurals and with TNT focusing on going very male with its new programming (Legends, The Last Ship), it only stuck out more, a factor that likely aided in its cancellation.

Should this be it for the Dallas revival, the franchise will end up with nearly 400 episodes spanning 26 years once the original and revival are combined. The TNT series finale of Dallas, meanwhile, aired late last month.

Do you think this is the end of the Dallas franchise? Should TNT have given the show an announced final season, especially after the way season three ended? Which network would be the best fit for Dallas at this point?