Lost Girl 4.01 “In Memoriam” Recap

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lost girl

lost girlA truck marked “Hardware” pulls into a warehouse and parks, with those inside it quickly getting out and going after something. Also there? Kenzi, who snuck a ride on the undercarriage of the truck. She hides behind a crate while watching the men load a container onto the back of the truck, but when the coast is clear and she makes a go at looking at the container, one of the men comes up from behind and nabs her. Fortunately, Dyson and Hale are there and between them and Kenzi’s newfound ability to produce sparks from her hands, the trio are able to convince the emissary that she’s not the human he seeks.

Dyson takes Kenzi back to her place where he notes how many thongs she has and how that might be her way of covering up her loneliness. After she changes into her robe, the two kiss, only for Dyson to pull back due to Hale’s obvious feelings for Kenzi. Just then, a knock comes from the door – it’s a black-clad Aife, infamous for her attack on the light, who gets Dyson and Kenzi to help her find her missing daughter. However, the two are skeptical about there being able to find a 30-year-old succubus floating around in the ether, especially since there are no birth records and no wear and tear on Efa. She produces a picture, though, and shows the detectives evidence that her memory had been tampered with. While Dyson gets a call from Tamsin and heads back to the site of the crash, Kenzi goes to the Dal to speak with Trick, whose new metal working hobby came about from his time with Stella. A new council (the Una Mens) hell-bent on preserving the old-time laws is about to be installed due to the messy few years the Fae have had, but he claims that memory tampering is a bit too subtle for them, so he gives Kenzi the name of a fish Fae working as an optometrist that could point her in the right direction.

Dyson and Kenzi make their way to the office of Dr. Snook, in the middle of removing the memory of a woman who caught her husband having sex with the nanny. He notes, though, that whatever hit Aife (and Dyson and Kenzi, as they both have the same marking on their eyes that signifies that their memory has been wiped) is not his work and that there’s something bigger and more powerful than him that’s responsible for the damage. In order to counteract the memory spell against them, Trick tells Kenzi that she’ll have to retrieve a certain compass that was last seen off the coast of Madagascar but that had been rumored to be salvaged by a powerful Fae. To get near him, she’ll have to procure tickets to a ball that he’s throwing, but before she can leave to begin working on getting the tickets, she must give Trick back everything she swiped from his office, including a rare collectible doll. However, when he grabs the photo of Bo, his veins blacken and he asks about the client she and Dyson were working for.

Dyson pays a visit to Vex, the new Morrigan after Evory was found dead, in order to intimidate him into getting tickets. The wolf manages to do so by threatening to expose that Evory is not in fact dead – she’s being held by Vex in a secret cell so that he can have the type of power that he always wanted. Though Dyson claims that she was 10 times the leader that Vex is, he uses that leverage to get three tickets to the ball. Once there, Dyson and Hale scope out the room and talk about how one girl gets chosen to meet the collector at every party he throws; she also gets her innermost desire fulfilled, whatever that may be. While getting ready for the party, Kenzi calls and leaves a concerned voicemail for Lauren, who hasn’t been heard from since she saved Dyson, only for Massimo to show up with a crossbow aimed directly at her head. He got her some more spark extract from sprite genitalia as a way of keeping her temporary powers going, but she doesn’t have the money to pay him and is already behind on her last two “fixes”. Massimo gives her the extract, though, and warns her that she needs to pay him – and soon.

Kenzi makes it to the party and impresses both Dyson and Hale with how she cleans up. To prove a point about her sex appeal to Dyson, she drags Hale out on the dance floor and begins dancing an awkward tango with him, just as Dyson meets a nymph named Cleo who flirts with him. He rejects her and goes out onto the floor to take Kenzi from Dyson before the trio end up dancing together for a time. The dance ends up Kenzi knocking him to the floor and letting her sparks fly, drawing the attention of the Fae who threw the party; he sends a red rose and personal attendant for her, who escorts her off the floor and toward the room he currently occupies. Which turns out to be an abandoned storage warehouse of sorts. Finally, Kenzi sees the Fae that everyone wants to meet – an Amphisbaena, which has a man’s head and torso and a snake’s tail.

Vex dramatically appears at the party, warning that the Una Mens is on it way and calling out Dyson before snapping the neck of the clothing designer who worked for him. Meanwhile, Kenzi learns that the Amphisbaena wants to get a look inside her so as to figure out what she truly wants, though she quickly tells him that all she’s after is the compass. He claims it a shallow wish and she compliments his toddler-like pores, which he amounts to shedding his skin every two months; he says that Kenzi could have skin like this, too, if she would remove her makeup before she passed out in front of her cheese popcorn and vodka. The Amphisbaena then figures out that she’s human, thanks to the vulnerability in her tango, and threatens to swallow her whole as a fair trade. Out in the main room, Vex expresses that he doesn’t want everyone to get their memories back because he never had this type of power and worries that his reign will be challenged once people figure out what happened. He then tries to mesmer Dyson, only for Hale to use his siren abilities to save his partner and gain control over Vex.

While Kenzi gets trapped behind a crate without a second dose of spark extract, Hale continues blasting Vex with his siren song due to betraying the agreement. Vex questions whether a former Ash would kill the current Morrigan and Hale hits him with another piercing siren, this one causing Vex to scream on the floor while holding his ears. The Amphisbaena finds Kenzi and just as it’s about to strike, Dyson comes in and throws a weapon, pinning one of its heads against the wall and saving Kenzi. The compass got cracked in that ordeal, but the two still set it for True North; before, though, Dyson reminds Kenzi that he would never desert her and questions whether Vex was right, whether the world they had right then was as good as it could get. She responds by telling him that her heart hurts and she’s too lonely to not give this a try, although she does agree that the two are in it together. They set the compass and restore everyone’s memory, including Trick’s and Aife’s during what quickly turned into a terse, violent meeting between the estranged relatives.

Tamsin calls again and Kenzi gets overwhelmed at realizing that Bo’s gone, just as black ooze begins spilling out of the box from the opening scene. While Lauren, going by the name Amber and waitressing at a dine, cries once her memories of Bo are restored, Bo wakes up on a strange train.

Additional thoughts and observations:
-“Oh, this is so Raiders.”
-“Hey, pobody’s nerfect.”
-“Suede in this weather? You beautiful bad-ass.”
-“I could be a Kardashian.”
-“When I say ‘design one last costume befitting the new dark fae leader,’ why do you hear ‘dress me like an asexual hobo’?”
-“Well, I’m as stubborn as I am well-endowed and I do love a Mexican stand-off.”
-“No, I’m Cleo. Deja Vu came down with a case of the crabs.”
-“And I love your crates. Very Pottery Barn.”
-So, this was an inventively ballsy way of continuing after the events of the season three finale and Anna Silk’s pregnancy, no? It was a little dense at times, but once you got your bearings, it was a very fun, quintessentially Lost Girl hour that straddled the line between the show’s tones quite well. Plus, it was a riff on the “It’s a Wonderful Life” trope of “what would the show’s world be like if the main character didn’t exist,” only from a fresh angle.
-What do you think was in the container that we saw in the opening scene? I mean, aside from disgusting black ooze.
-Hale thinks Kenzi smells like sunflowers and chardonnay. I believe it.
-Dyson and Kenzi making out: hot or not? It was beyond bizarre, considering their broship and all, but I think Ksenia Solo and Kris Holden-Ried have good chemistry regardless and they kind of sold me on their connection (it was less about feelings for one another and more about the comfort that was already between them, something that they needed in a world they couldn’t remember – they got together not because they couldn’t keep their hands off each other but because they needed each other to survive) by the time he tried to convince her not to set the compass.
-Thank goodness Evory is still alive. Her presence is amazing and the show is better with her in it. Although, I did get a laugh about her dying on the toilet like Elvis.
-Let’s talk about how gorgeous Kenzi looked at the ball and how she demolished her tango. Because wow.
-Mia Kirshner! I see Jenny Schecter is alive, well, and in Canada.
-George Takei’s guest appearance might be the greatest television event of 2014. Already. Close up shop, everybody; you won’t beat Sulu as a catty snake Fae. His line about the cheese popcorn was the hardest I’ve laughed in a long time.
-Very curious what led Lauren to become a waitress named Amber.
-Where do you think Bo is going? And who do you think has her?
-Next week on Lost Girl: Dyson needs to track down an Elemental Fae, while Kenzi isn’t thrilled about her babysitting assignment.