HIMYM spinoff: ‘How I Met Your Dad’ pilot ordered by CBS

by Supreet Bhatia 606 views0

how-i-met-your-dadFinally, all rumors have been put to rest after weeks full of speculation around a prospective spin-off series of the popular comedy series, How I Met Your Mother . The CBS Network has confirmed by announcing the pilot of the spin-off, which will be named ‘How I Met Your Dad’, which will be followed by HIMYM finale season in May 2014.

The storyline of the spin-off is being developed by the original creators of HIMYM, Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, along with Emily Spivey, who created the comedy ‘Up All Night’. Formerly named as ‘How I Met Your Father’ will be on the similar lines of story narration as How I Met Your Mother, popularly known as HIMYM, with a female lead this time. Quite clearly, as the name of the sister series suggests, the spinoff will be centered on the mother narrating the incidents which led their parents to meet. The spin-off series will serve as a break for new actors, playing the new group of New Yorkers, who will be the new Ted, Marshall, Barney, Lily and Robin.

Recently Carter Bays tweeted that the protagonists of ‘How I Met Your Dad’ will be seen hanging out in a new bar, rather than the current hangout zone, MacLaren’s. He also clearly indicated that the spin-off’s cast wouldn’t be introduced at the finale of HIMYM, however, the fans will be in store for a lot of surprise guest appearances and old characters through cameos. While ‘How I Met Your Dad’ is being developed, the audience of the United States can tune in to watch the finale season of HIMYM, which started in September on CBS. In the final season, Ted Mosby, portrayed by Josh Radnor finally introduces the mother to his children, played by Chrstin Milioti.

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