The Fosters Renewed for Season 2 by ABC Family

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the fosters

the fostersOn the day that production on the back half of its first season began, The Fosters received a second season renewal from ABC Family. The series, which gained enough momentum during its first 10 episodes to become the network’s second highest rated show, ranked as the #1 new cable TV series of the summer in Viewers 12-34 and Females 12-34. No episode order for the second season was released, though it seems likely enough that there’ll be another 10/10 split in terms of airing pattern.

The Fosters has demonstrated its ability to build an audience, and the creative team’s compelling storytelling assures us that there will be more growth in upcoming seasons,” said Kate Juergens, Chief Creative Officer and Executive Vice President, Programming, ABC Family. “The show’s dynamic cast and groundbreaking storylines resonate with our core viewers and leave them wanting more.”

When we last left The Fosters, Callie had high-tailed it to Indiana to be with Wyatt, thinking that it would be the best thing for all parties involved. Jude would have the stable, happy home that he deserved; Lena and Stef would have one less mouth to feed and child to worry about; Brandon would be spared the punishment that would come from their kiss being revealed to their parents; and she would get to spend time with the one person she thinks understands her for who she is and not who she could be. However, she doesn’t realize just how much of an impact her presence in the family has made and the lengths that Lena and Stef will go to not only find out where she is, but bring her home where she belongs.

The Fosters returns for the second half of its first season this January. You can read a recap of the summer finale here.

Are you surprised that The Fosters was given a renewal this early? What do you hope to see happen during the back half of season one? Where can this show go over the course of several seasons?