Devious Maids Season Finale Recap: Who Killed Flora Hernandez?

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devious maidsTaylor gets rushed to the emergency room, where she ends up losing the baby due to the gunshot. A distraught Michael says that he always wanted a little girl, but Marisol continues to press him on whether Phillipe framed Eddie and how much he knows about the death of Flora. He snaps back at her that he can’t tell her anything due to the attorney-client privilege that exists between him and Phillipe and how, if he mentions anything that was said between them, he could lose his law license. It’s Taylor, though, who convinces him to tell Marisol the truth, as he can’t be loyal to Phillipe after he was responsible for the death of their baby.

Odessa has arrived home seemingly in okay health, which is good news to Carmen and Sam. She must be in pretty good spirits, too, since she found the strength to insult the house before she even got inside. When she gets inside and settled in, she tells Carmen that she’s surprised about her and Sam moving in together and thanks her for doing everything that she did to help. However, she had no clue that Alejandro was gay and while she feels a little silly for carrying feelings for him for this long, there’s a sense of relief that no other woman will have him. Over at the Westmore house, Rosie has been trying to spoil Peri for what she did to get Miguel into the country, while Peri is training Miguel to fetch her things and picking up some minor Spanish along the way. Rosie is still upset as Spence, though, and claims that if he loves her as much as he says he does, he would have tried to get Miguel before now.

Valentina comes over to the Delatour house, concerned that she hasn’t been able to reach Remi by phone. As she looks at wedding dresses with Genevieve, Zoila goes up to Remi’s room, knowing that he had already left for Africa. She arrives back with two notes – one for each woman; they explain why Remi made the choice he did and when he plans to return. While Genevieve immediately springs into action, looking to contact whoever she has to in order to get ahold of her son, Valentina starts crying and excuses herself before it gets worse. Elsewhere, the Powells are at their divorce arbitration and neither one of them can agree with the other on how to allocate their assets, particularly the Lamboghini with newly installed mohair upholstery and a stick shift. Evelyn can’t drive a stick shift, but she wants the vehicle and suggests that she could hire a chauffeur, who she will have drive her to Adrian’s home where they will make love on said upholstery while under his bedroom window. Just then, though, they get the news of Taylor’s shooting and Evelyn becomes emotional, to the point where Adrian takes her home instead of finishing the meeting.

When Phillipe hears about the shooting, he tries to convince Genevieve to elope with him that night. She suggests they wait until after the engagement party, which he reluctantly agrees to, and it looks like they’ll be heading to Brunei, with its lack of extradition treaty, before Taylor can get out of the hospital. Meanwhile, Carmen meets with Alejandro and his team of manager, publicist, and lawyer, where she is presented with the marriage contract. All of what she would gain from the union is guaranteed, including a produced, fully promoted album of her own music with the possibility of a second, should it prove successful enough. The ceremony would be legal and the marriage would last for two years, wherein they would have “irreconcilable differences” and amicably part ways; however, there will be no dating during this time, considering the spotlight of the tabloids, and she will have to give up her relationship with Sam. Elsewhere, Spence tries to win Rosie back by inquiring about the possibility of adopting Miguel, thus making him an American citizen and immune to deportation. Although Rosie likes the idea, the phone that Miguel picked up and brought to her inadvertently picks up part of their lovey dovey conversation. On the other end of the line? Peri.

The day Carmen is supposed to move in with Sam, she’s yet to pack anything and comes clean about the plan that Alejandro has proposed, which she really wants to do. He’s very sarcastic when she asks if he’ll wait for her and questions the sincerity of her saying that she had changed her priorities a mere two days ago. When she won’t say that she chooses him over fame, he throws the ring at her feet and leaves. As she’s chasing after him, Carmen overhears Odessa and Alejandro arguing after he informed her about the impending marriage; Odessa won’t let Carmen near her to explain and has to get out of the room, herself. To pick her daughter’s spirits back up, Zoila takes her out for some food and suggests they go shop away the pain. Valentina, though, isn’t feeling up to it and acknowledges that her mother was right – there was no way that a boy like Remi would love a girl like her. Upset at seeing Valentina like this, Zoila confesses to making him leave and Valentina pushes her away before storming off.

At Doheny Medical, Marisol texts Zoila, Carmen, and Rosie, telling them that Taylor has been shot and that she has something to tell them in person. Once they’re all there, she confesses to being a college professor and taking the job as a maid to become friends with them and gather information on the murder. She says that she thinks that Phillipe was the one who killed Flora and begins telling them about her plan to prove it. Back at the Powell home, Phillipe comes over and asks to borrow their private jet for a romantic getaway he wants to take Genevieve on after their party. Adrian smells something fishy and while he reluctantly agrees to the proposition, he hears from Evelyn that Phillipe is lying about not being at their residence the night of Flora’s murder. He mentioned that she was using dahlias again for decoration and the only other time she had used them was the night Flora died, which made her remember that he hadn’t been invited because he and Genevieve were not speaking at the time. As such, she questions Adrian about whether Phillipe was involved in her husband’s “hobby”.

Marisol won’t entertain the thought of telling Genevieve until there’s absolute proof of Phillipe’s guilt and she plans to get said proof at the Delatour engagement party, set to take place at the Powell home. She instructs Zoila to tell Genevieve that there aren’t enough caterers and that she knows a couple of people who could help fill in. Upset at Phillipe being guilty of killing Flora, Adrian feels guilty for not believing her when she said she had been attacked and not taking the tape she had with Michael seriously, though he doesn’t know if he can bring himself to retaliate against Phillipe. Evelyn volunteers to help him, claiming that hatred may do the thing that love could never – unite them.

The night of the party, Zoila, Marisol, and Carmen are all working with the wait staff, while Zoila is off duty and tending to Genevieve. The girls give each other the signal and Marisol accidentally bumps into Evelyn, who doesn’t want her on the property and turns her head to check out where the nearest security guard was. Marisol makes her escape and claims that the plan has to be put into motion now, so Carmen goes to Phillipe asking if he would like to say a few words. Of course, he does and soon, he and Genevieve are on stage in front of everyone, bragging about their love and the size of the ring. Marisol then moves into Phillipe’s eyeline and noticeably rattles him; afterwards, while Zoila goes up to Genevieve to give her blessing, Carmen bumps into Ms. Delatour and spills wine all over her dress. Zoila takes her boss into a nearby bathroom to try and keep the stain from setting and Phillipe follows Marisol, who he spotted making a line for the house. Rosie tags along shortly behind.

The trio make it into the house and Phillipe follows the sound of a slamming door, with Rosie cording off the stairs as she scampers to catch up with him. He finally corners Marisol and shuts the door behind him, the two feeling each other out while Rosie films the encounter with Adrian’s camera. Marisol lets him know that Michael talked – that she knows about Flora refusing to sleep with him due to him being Remi’s father, she knows about how he didn’t take no for an answer and raped her, she knows that the baby was Remi’s, and she knows that he came to the party, got a knife from the kitchen, and attacked her in the study. Eddie simply came in at the wrong time, with Phillipe hitting him over the head and planting the knife in his hand for when he awoke. After he denies it, she says that she has the evidence to back it up and that she’ll be going to the DA the following day, to which he doesn’t have a reply. He doesn’t have time to reply, since Evelyn and two guards come into the room to apprehend Marisol and remove her from the premises.

Once she leaves, Phillipe and Adrian convene and the latter gives the former a drink while preparing the gift he mentioned earlier in the episode. What is it? Advice – when you’re planning a murder, don’t let people think it’s murder. You want to be able to offer a plausible explanation for an unexpected death – like suicide. Inside the drink was something undetectable that made Phillipe woozy, woozy enough to easily be tossed out of the window and into the pool below. Outside, Adrian and Evelyn talk to the police and have their alibi corroborated by Zoila, Rosie, and Carmen, since it would get Eddie out of prison for good.

It does and the five-some have lunch together to celebrate making it through something so trying. Until, that is, two policemen come to drag Rosie away, which Peri was responsible for.

Additional thoughts and observations:
-“Is there a Mandarin Oriental in the Congo?”
-“Love can’t seem to unite us. Why not try hatred?”
-Although I was pleasantly surprised that the mystery of Flora’s death was solved (I was betting on it being Remi, personally), I think I would have rather Marisol figured it out for herself. She’s come so far and done so much that for, literally, the solve to come from an off-screen conversation where a character tells her everything felt a little disappointing.
-That being said, I do like that they planted some seeds for the second season, because until Rosie was (shockingly and – yet – amazingly) arrested, I didn’t know how they would have enough material to cover another 13 episodes. Are we in for a tougher Rosie if she has to stay in prison for any length of time?
-Evelyn telling Adrian that she would bang the chauffeur underneath his bedroom window on his mohair upholstery was amazing. At first, I found her character pretty detestable, but the last several weeks, I think she’s been the one I’ve been rooting for the most.
-Also amazing: Adrian’s “don’t you know how hard it is to find good help?” to Phillipe right before throwing him off the balcony. Thirdly on the amazing list, Genevieve’s insult of Burbank. Sorry, Jay Leno.
-Good choice in not having Carmen ride off into the sunset with Sam, as much as I enjoy their chemistry. It would have rang false if she completely brushed off the opportunity to become a star, even though she told him last week that her priorities had changed. As much progress as she made this season, Carmen’s shallowness is something that has yet to go away and if she gets a taste of the good life, I don’t know if she would ever be willing to part with it.
-Do you think that Valentina ended up sneaking off to Africa the night of the party? If so, will she even want to come back after the fight with Zoila?
-Thank you guys for reading my Devious Maids coverage this season. While I liked the show from the beginning, it made the turn after 3-4 episodes from “pretty ok” to “immensely watchable,” in the process becoming the funniest show of the summer and featuring some incredibly strong cast chemistry. Although I’m very curious if it can keep up the momentum with a shift away from Flora, thus allowing the real Marisol Suarez to come forth, I can’t wait to find out.