Brooklyn Nine-Nine Series Premiere Spoilers: Meet the Captain

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brooklyn nine-nineDetective Jake Peralta gets to act however he wants because of his impressive arrest record and talent at being good enough to skate by, the latter thanks to a series of captains who felt as if they couldn’t challenge him or run their precincts authoritatively. Now, though, he’s faced with the first real pushback of his professional career in no-nonsense Captain Ray Holt, bound and determined to make everyone do their job and present themselves in a way becoming to the precinct as a whole. After some initial rejection of the idea of growing up, though, Jake will likely begin to wonder if maybe he’s been lackadaisical around the office for too long and maybe the captain has a point that he should try to play the game, if you will, in order to earn the respect from his peers, superiors, and other colleagues. Will Jake find a way to balance who he is and who Captain Holt wants him to be?

Listed below are the dates, titles, and descriptions of the first two episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Tuesday, September 17th – “Pilot”
Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) is a talented, but carefree police detective at Brooklyn’s 99th precinct who, along with his eclectic group of colleagues, are used to having a lax captain around the office. However, when tightly-wound Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher) takes over, he is determined to make this dysfunctional group of detectives into the best precinct in Brooklyn.

Tuesday, September 24th – “The Tagger”
When Jake is late for roll call, Captain Ray Holt assigns him to a graffiti case that Jake feels is below his level. However, when the culprit turns out to be the Deputy Commissioner’s son, the case becomes a major problem. Meanwhile, Gina’s (Chelsea Peretti) psychic friend visits the precinct and gets inside Charles’ (Joe Lo Truglio) head.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Tuesdays at 8:30 on FOX. You can check out promos for the series here.

Will you be watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Can a cop comedy succeed in the 2013 television landscape? How do you think the show will fit alongside New Girl and The Mindy Project?