The Lying Game Recap: All is Not as It Seems

by Carissa Pavlica 603 views0

the-lying-game-season-2-to-lie-for1If there’s one thing we can be assured of, it’s that we can never be assured of anything on The Lying Game. Aside from the fact we have no idea whether or not the show will return after last night’s spring finale episode, “To Lie For,” absolutely no answers were given and we were left with more questions than ever.

Emma and Sutton finally decided, with some pressure from their father, Ted, that it was time to stop lying to everyone around them. At the very least, Sutton’s mother, Kristin, deserved to know there were two girls. She had loved them both over the last year, and keeping her in the dark was unfair. As a new father of twins himself, he had the urge to shout it from the rooftops, even if the daughters he had weren’t with his wife and came from the tryst he had with Rebecca.

Dan was torn between being grateful for Alec’s gesture to name the benefit in Theresa’s honor and being angry that he still had no answers about who had killed his fiancee. He was also conflicted with his feeling for Sutton and Emma, once he learned of the twins, and asked Ethan to choose: the twins or family. Ethan chose family, but in the end, Dan was thankful for the help the twins had provided in moving the case forward, even when it meant going against their own birth mother and father. A part of him realized the difficult choices they were faced with between friends and family, as well. It was hard to be angry with two young girls who had been through so much when it wasn’t their own doing.

Emma and Rebecca finally had their moment, and it was heartbreaking to watch. Charisma Carpenter showed a depth of feeling as a mother she hadn’t done to date, but coming face to face with a daughter whose future over which she had no control, knowing she suffered without the benefit of a real family, tore away at Rebecca, bringing her to genuine tears.

Emma and Sutton “switched” one last time, giving viewers one hell of a scare, as Emma visited a visibly unraveling Thayer. In recent weeks, Alec has made gestures of love toward Thayer that seemed to confuse him even more than usual. Theirs was an odd relationship, at times downright adversarial. It was difficult to decipher the meaning behind Alec’s comments of love and protection. At one time, he told Thayer he was worthless, so to turn around and say everything he was doing was for him had to be confusing Thayer even further.

Emma needed to tell Thayer why she chose Ethan, and when Thayer asked her to close the door behind her, viewers everywhere must have gasped. By this time, figuring Thayer was the murderer of Theresa and probably Derek, would Emma be his next victim? But, I always thought that as conflicted as Thayer was, he loved Emma. He proved that to be true by pushing her away and out of the room before he did something drastic. Whether he would have hurt her, or only showed his cards…in this case, what appeared to be the blunt-force murder weapon…we’ll never know. We just know Emma escaped unharmed. The hotel room, however, took a beating.

At the same time, Rebecca, who had considered leaving town and taking Jordan with her, changed her mind after Jordan refused to go along. She threatened him with the reveal of his complicity in his brother’s murder, but still he wouldn’t leave. This left the door open for her to confront Alec. By this time, she seemed to have figured it all out. Who murdered whom, and why, as well as why Alec was protecting them – because you’ll do anything to protect people you love. This revelation came just before Alec crashed through the skylight into the benefit festivities happening in the room below. Will he survive?

So who was Alec protecting? Who did he love? Mads, Thayer, Kristin? Was the setup of Thayer too easy of a call? On The Lying Game, I think so. There were comments about someone, a female, being so innocent and how the news would affect her. Kristin? Could Kristin have found out about the twins, Rebecca and Ted’s infidelity and gone off the deep end? That would be a great twist. Again, the one thing we can be sure of is that we’ll likely never be sure. If we’re lucky enough to continue The Lying Game saga, everything we thought we knew to be true could be false by the time the story resurfaces. That’s what makes it so damn fun.