The Lying Game Spoilers: Will Ted Tell Kristin the Truth?

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the lying game

the lying gameEarlier this season on The Lying Game, Ted told Kristin that he had come clean of all his secrets and that there wasn’t anything left to know. He did this during a therapy session in hopes of winning his estranged wife back, but it proved to be the doctor’s undoing, as more secrets made their way to Kristin, driving her into the arms of Alec. Now, though, Ted could take control of the situation and really tell his wife everything, including confessing that Sutton had a twin and that they’re biologically Rebecca’s children. Would Kristin listen after being lied to for so long? It didn’t take Laurel long to forgive Emma for lying to her, but Emma had only been lying to her for months, not nearly two decades and not about something as big as the maternity of her adopted children.

Listed below are the dates, titles, and descriptions of the final two spring episodes of The Lying Game.

Tuesday, March 5th – “The Grave Truth”
Ethan’s confession to Dan threatens to shatter the brothers’ relationship forever. Sutton receives a mysterious phone call that may provide some valuable information. Emma’s feelings for Thayer are tested when she finds herself in close quarters with Ethan. And someone else comes face to face with Emma and Sutton.

Tuesday, March 12th – “To Lie For”
The charity gala takes a somber turn as everyone honors the memory of a loved one. Dan issues Ethan an ultimatum that has heartbreaking consequences. Emma finally confronts Rebecca about her lost childhood. Ted tries to find the right way to tell Kristin about another secret from his past. Meanwhile, an unexpected twist brings the fundraiser to a crashing halt.

The Lying Game airs Tuesdays at 9:00 on ABC Family.

Will Ted finally tell Kristin the truth? What will bring the fundraiser to a halt? Who will find out about the twins?