Deception 1.08 Preview: Did Robert Have Vivian Killed?

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Deception NBC

Deception NBCEver since Edward Bowers found out that he murdered Kimberly Yaeger and his father helped cover it up, he’s been weighed down by the guilt from his actions and the need to do something to make it right. He can never truly make up for what he did with the golf club that fateful night, but he thinks that by changing his actions and disposition, he can convince others (and himself, really) that he’s not the man he was then. But what cause will the Deception anti-hero choose to rail against?

On the next episode of Deception, Edward has called a press conference to announce the real trial results for Lyritrol. The only information that has been revealed about the cancer drug is that it had perfect trials and could potentially eliminate the need for chemotherapy, so if Edward wanted to blow its chances of getting onto market in the next couple of weeks, broadcasting the 27 deaths and subsequent family payoffs from Bowers Industries is a good way to start. In doing so, he gets to stick it to Robert and Julian while distancing himself from the Bowers brand and revamping his image beyond “that guy who murdered someone and got away with it.” Had he went out without concrete information, the public might not have taken any notice given his poor reputation, but since Edward has a copy of the trial results, maybe he’ll find an audience that will demand Lyritrol not make it onto shelves.

Elsewhere on Deception, Haverstock again reaches out to Mia, only this time his motives are less than pure, while Joanna tries to escape a hit man during a botched delivery.

Deception airs tonight at 10:00 on NBC.

Why do you think Haverstock has sought out Mia this time? Is Edward right in exposing the Lyritrol trial results? Did Robert have Vivian killed for knowing too much and potentially ruining the chances of Lyritrol making it on the market?